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10 Ways To Turn Her On Again Right After You’ve Had Sex


Sex feels good. No, sex feels great. Actually, scratch that. Sex feels phenomenal! There is absolutely no other way to describe how it feels. And there is absolutely no replacement to that feeling; except, perhaps having more sex!

But you know what also feels phenomenal? When you turn a woman on right after you’ve had a fabulous romping session, in a way that could only guarantee the next romp to be the ultimate romp of your life! Didn’t think it could get better, eh? Well, you were wrong, matey! Here’s what you need to do to your lady right after you’ve had sex and gear up for what might be one of the best rides of your life!

1. Give Her A Massage

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This is a lot like stroking the female ego (yes, we have one); only in a more literal and physical way. Right after sex when she’s tired for all the right reasons; not to say that you aren’t, but, well; a massage really helps ease out all her tensed muscles and lets her know that you are appreciative of her and that she is cared for. You’ll have the estrogen and the oxytocin up and running in no time!