Doctoral Degree Program In Counselling


Few careers offer the opportunity to make a real difference in the life. There are some outstanding careers those can shape your life ultimately a different way. Counselling psychology is one of the great careers which is really a different one and can bring real difference in someone’s life. The Ph.D. program in psychology is specially designed for the students who are seeking to engage in the professional practice of psychology.

If you are looking to make great career in psychology, then a graduate program in counselling psychology can get you there. Dozens of Ph.D. programs are available across the USA those provide quality education you need to become a licensed and professional psychiatrists. There are wide ranges of psychology courses available along with multidisciplinary approach. If you want to take Ph.D. in counselling psychology, here is the additional information that can guide you further.

The online PhD in counselling education and supervision program prepares you to lead in the counselling profession. The program is specially designed for shaping you as a professional counsellor. The program includes online coursework, residencies as well as the field experiences. The course is designed to build your clinical, teaching, research and supervisory skills. This is one the best degree program available online and that offers the opportunities for you to potentially fulfil your internship.

The CACREP accredited PhD in counselling Education and Supervision program includes 5 integrated components, namely:

  • Online coursework
  • In-person experiences (known as residencies)
  • Fieldwork (includes practicum and internships)
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Dissertation

There are the 5 important components that take you through your program and to your goal of a PhD. Once you get PhD in counselling education and supervision, you will be able to lead and advocate for inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. You can evaluate the current theories and practices of the counselling profession. You can be able to demonstrate commitment to one’s personal and professional development. Along with this you can develop the skills of contribute and conduct, valid, ethical and reliable research in the profession of counselling. You will be able to practice social and professional ethics, can think critically and can write effectively on one’s discipline.

Career Outcomes

As a counsellor with PhD degree you can work as a therapists, faculty member, counsellor educator, non-profit manager, crisis center director. You can find ideal opportunities for shaping up your career as a psychiatrist in the hospital. You can work in the community mental health center. You can work with residential treatment center, government agencies, non-profit organizations, group home or prison.

Ph.D Program Accreditations

Choosing the university is very important for PhD program and for this accreditation is very important. It offers you an assurance and the public in general that the institute meets the standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, fiscal stability and student services. The accreditation ensures that the degree offered by the university is recognized by the employers, other accredited institutions of higher education and by the professional associations.

Different Types Of Accreditation

The Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which is among the 6 regional accrediting bodies authorised and recognized by the US Department of Education. The regional bodies accredit universities and colleges, whereas the national bodies accredit trade and vocational schools. Along with regional accreditation, the Capella university has gained the program specific accreditation recognizing the quality and legitimacy of the degree programs.

The four different CACREP accredited programs available with Capella University USA are:

  • PhD in Counselling Education and Supervision
  • MS in Mental Health Counselling
  • MS in Marriage and Family Counselling/Therapy
  • MS in School Counselling

To apply for any of the accreditation program available, you need to fulfil the admission requirements. As an applicant it is must for you to provide important information as listed beloow:

  • Master’s degree from an institution accredited by a US Department of Education or by recognized accrediting agency or by internationally recognized institution.
  • Completion of a CACREP-accredited or CACREP curriculum equivalent to master’s degree program.
  • Submission of official transcripts from all previous educational institutions along with graduate or professional school coursework.
  • Official master’s transcripts (minimum grade point required average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale)
  • Non-refundable application free ($50)

Along with the above requirements, it is compulsory for the applicant to provide two letters of recommendation who can offer an objective evaluation. The one of the recommendation should be a faculty member who has had you in a course. It is mandatory to include appropriate references of work and volunteer supervisors and colleagues. Avoid adding the references of personal clergy, personal current therapists, friends, relatives, etc.

What You Learn From The Course

The Capella University, USA offers you the tools, knowledge and support to help you measure and maximize the degree outcomes. Along with the grades and online feedback from the instructors, you enhance the skills of visualizing your progress in each of the course. Overall, the PhD degree aligned with the external professional standards can help you to gain the relevant expertise to progress your career. After successful completion of the degree program you can gain different skills and knowledge, such as:

  • It becomes easier for you to evaluate the current theories and practices as a counselling professional
  • You can easily demonstrate commitment to one’s personal and professional development
  • You can think critically and can write effectively in your discipline and professional practice
  • You develop the skills like tolerance, acceptance etc.
  • You can lead and advocate for inclusion
  • You become able to conduct and contribute valid, ethical and reliable research in the field of counselling
  • You can practice social as well as professional ethics

Career Opportunities And Job Titles

There are vast opportunities available to shape a great career in counselling. Those who pursue the PhD in counselling or master’s level in counselling can seek the supervisory position, advanced practitioner position, researcher, etc. in academics and clinical settings. The potential career options are available in:

  • Educational institutes like community colleges, head start centers, land based colleges or universities, online colleges and universities, public and private school
  • In state, local and federal government
  • Health care department like clinics, hospitals, criminal justice, corrections, group home, inpatient facility, nursing home, prison, probation department, hospice program, health maintenance organization, halfway house for criminal offenders
  • The mental health field offers excellent opportunities to work with Mental Health agency,
    Community mental health center, Employee assistance program, Family service agency, psychiatric hospital, managed mental health program, residential treatment center, family service agency, etc.
  • You can find grand opportunities with private sector such as Group practice, private practice, church, consulting, etc.

After successful completion of the master’s program in counselling you can have the common job Titles or positions like:

  • Group Home Manager
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Crisis center director
  • Employee assistance program manager
  • Full-time faculty
  • Part time or adjunct faculty
  • Counsellor educator
  • Counsellor supervision
  • Non-profit manager
  • Psychiatric manager
  • Social service supervisor
  • Therapist

Master’s degree in counselling is truly a worth opportunity that offers you to shape your future bright. You can have several grand options and positions available once you successfully complete your PhD in counselling. So, go through the Doctoral Social and Behavioural Science Degree Program which is available with Capella University, USA and shape your future the brightest one!