Feb 26, 2024

Sex is the most natural thing in the world and yet the least talked about. Initiating a change in our approach towards seeing sex as a taboo, here are 33 things about sex you never knew!

1. Ejaculated sperm survives only for a few hours outside the body but once it enters a woman’s vagina and makes its way up to her cervical mucus, it can live for upto 3-5 days.

2. An average healthy man can ejaculate enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate every woman in the world.

3. Sex increases your immunity to pain. Orgasms trigger hormones that help you increase your pain threshold.

4. Ever wonder why it is difficult to urinate immediately after having sex? That’s because when you orgasm, an anti-diuretic hormone is released in your body.

5. Peeing after having sex prevents you from catching urinary tract infections.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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6. Even though it is a very tiny percentage, some women can orgasm just through stimulation of breasts and nipples. No, nipplegasms aren’t a myth!

7. A woman’s breasts can swell up to 25 % when she is turned on.

8. Sex is one of the best stress busters. It lowers your blood pressure and calms you down. Now that’s another reason to have sex!

9. Using lube makes orgasming easier.

10. Post workout is a great time to have sex. Working out releases testosterone in your body and also circulates blood in to your genital area.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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11. Sex is a great, all-natural cure for headaches.

12. Having sex at least three times a week can make you look 4-7 years younger.

13. Having sex also triggers creativity, according to some interesting studies. Have a presentation at work tomorrow? Maybe the answer lies in between the sheets!

14. If you’re sexually attracted to someone, it is much more difficult to lie to them.

15. A woman’s sexual drive reaches its peak just before her period.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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16. You only need all the sperm that could fit into an aspirin capsule to repopulate the earth.

17. Your inner nose swells while having sex.

18. On an average, you burn 100 calories in a single sex session.

19. At the time your orgasm, an average person’s heart beats at the rate of 140 beats per minute.

20. A sperm can travel up to 7 inches in an hour’s time.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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21. A man approximately ejaculates 17 litres of semen in his entire life that contains about half a trillion sperm.

22. About two tablespoons of blood is required to get a penis erect.

23. A woman’s clitoris contains over 8000 nerve fibres, almost the twice of that of a penis.

24. A woman can orgasm in about 4 minutes through masturbation but it will take her 10-20 minutes to orgasm during an intercourse.

25. Menstrual cramps can cause orgasms too.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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26. The only physiological response in a human body that cannot voluntarily stop once it has started apart from orgasms is a sneeze.

27. Women suffering from migraine have a higher sex drive.

28. Most women prefer a dark place over a well lit up place to have sex in.

29. The testes increase by 50 % in size when a man is aroused.

30. Men reach their sexual peak at 17 years of age.

Facts About Sex You Never Knew
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31. A teaspoonful of semen contains about 5 calories.

32. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine that gives you the same ecstatic feeling people feel when they’re sexually attracted to someone.

33. 60 % men get erect nipples when aroused.

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