4 Reasons to Fail Relationships


Ever wondered why the best romances fail at times? Here are three major reasons that lead to the demise of a relationship.

End of a Romance?

You need to be committed and willing to work towards a relationship for it to last. There are many factors that can cause two people to drift apart including timing, different values, different growth trajectories, and more. However, there are three very important factors, which if not dealt with, may cause a relationship to fail: poor communication, non-acceptance, and lack of trust.

Poor communication

The initial phase of a relationship may be smooth sailing, but chances are, that sooner or later, you will encounter challenges. This is where communication will play a key role. The ability to communicate well with you partner will help you endure and navigate these challenges.

Changes are inevitable in a relationship. However, at times, these changes may lead to a disturbance in a relationship’s dynamic. A partner may get busier at work, stressed due to deadlines, or not as present. Lack of communication in this case might lead to frustration, causing the other partner to start arguments over trivial issues, being short, or being less present. However, if you are able to communicate with your partner, you might be able to share your emotions and beliefs calmly. An open discussion will give you the ability to handle the challenge smoothly.


Lack of trust

Trust is easily one of the most important factors in a relationship. You might have had a past experience that led to a lack of trust on your part. Your lack of trust might have stemmed from the fact that you are scared of being hurt, or left behind. Lack of trust can manifest in several ways- overreacting to a partner talking to someone, not being vulnerable, leaving a relationship before getting hurt, and more. However, you need to understand, that lack of trust has the power to kill a relationship in the long term. If you are facing trust issues, you need to try to dig deep and get to the root of the problem.  You need to try to identify the cause and learn to trust your partner.


It is almost certain that your partner may have habits that irritate you or beliefs that aren’t followed by you. That doesn’t mean you give up on your relationship in search for the “perfect” partner. While experiencing differences in your relationship is inevitable, how you relate to and understand these differences is what will matter and make your relationship work.

Loving a person isn’t enough to change said person’s basic disposition. Sensing that your partner will not change might lead to constant criticism of the “little things”, and subsequently, the breakdown of a relationship.

If you want to see a change, start by accepting your partner for who he/she is. Feeling loved and accepted makes it easier for a person to bring about a change. Feelings of dislike, criticism, and lack of appreciation make it tougher for a person to change.

Changing your view of things can help you to change your situation. Not accepting your partner will lead to lack of trust and comfort. Your partner may end up feeling resentful and attacked.

Poor communication, lack of trust, and non-acceptance has the potential to destroy a relationship. However, identifying these triggers and working hard to deal with them can go a long way in making your relationship last.