Dec 3, 2023

The whole idea of fitness nowadays is sad. It’s been made so complicated that an average dude looking to get fit will never know what’s right for him. I wrote about how people are eating and working out to get thinner and not stronger. Fitness models on drugs and so called ‘natural bodybuilders’ have made the situation even worse.  Chaps as young as 16 watch videos by these models and get into a vicious, self-destructive circle of unrealistic expectations.  They are made to believe that they can look like them, buck for buck. While the truth is that they can’t, ever. One of the most common and (extremely stupid) things rookies in the gym chase are abdominal muscles or abs. Motivated by what they see in a drugged out fitness model’s video, rookies show up in the gym and tell the trainer ‘I want abs’. If you are one of those dudes, you need to understand a couple of very basic things.

1) Look Into The Mirror. Do You See Developed Shoulders, Chest, Legs And Back? If No, Then Shut Up And Put Your Energy In Building Up Those First.

Things to know about abdominal muscles or abs: Best exercise for abs

I’ll keep it real- If you are skinny or a fat rookie at the gym, forget about ‘abs’. Your perusal is useless. If you are skinny, first concentrate on the compound movements that work the larger muscle groups and aim at building mass. Even if you are fat, you still need to focus on compound lifts and brining your body fat down. You need to have basic and complete muscular development before you start working the abdominal muscles.

2) Mindlessly Running On A Treadmill, Doing Crunches And Crash Dieting Will Never Get You ‘Abs’. 

Things to know about abdominal muscles or abs: Best exercise for abs

Running is stupid and so is doing crunches. The visibility of your abs is directly related to the body fat you are carrying. So if you look like a potato sack and think running, doing crunches and crash dieting will get you abs, you are stupid too. Also, abs on a skinny guy are like big arms on a fat dude, they don’t count. You get the drift? Nutrition, a solid weight training program and HIIT is the key towards glorious abs.   Starving and running like a cow isn’t.

3) For God’s Sake, Steroids Won’t Get You Abs. Right Nutrition, Proper Training And Patience Will. 

Things to know about abdominal muscles or abs: Best exercise for abs

When you are a beginner and tell your trainer on the very first day that you want abs, you are inviting trouble. A majority of desi gym trainers have no idea whatsoever about nutrition. They got big and ripped using drugs and will recommend you to do the same. This is disastrous,   to say the least. There are no shortcuts to a ripped physique. Focus on clean eating and patiently dedicate yourself to a program.

4) How Heavy You Lift With Correct Form And How Your Training Translates Outside The Gym, In Real Life, Matters More Than Your Pointless Desires For A Six Pack.

Things to know about abdominal muscles or abs: Best exercise for abs

Your ‘six pack’ don’t mean a dime when your form sucks at basic compound movements, and you can’t do proper push-ups and pull-ups and miserably fail at moving heavy weights. What you do at the gym must have a direct effect on your abilities in general life. You spend an hour at the gym and 23 hours out of it.  If you can’t sprint, lift weights or jump at the drop of a hat, you can take your ‘Facebook six pack’ home.

5) If You Are Doing It For A ‘Worthless’ Photoshoot You Will Be Posting On Facebook For A Couple Hundred Likes, You Urgently Need To Rethink Your Idea Of Fitness.    

Things to know about abdominal muscles or abs: Best exercise for abs

I can’t rant enough about this. Really, the element of stupidity here is through the roof. Dudes literally get hooked on sabotaging steroids under the guidance dumbass coaches just to look good for a crappy photo shoot that will fetch them a couple of likes on Facebook and maybe a couple of girls who will probably not call them again. They go through grueling dieting and lethal steroid doses just to ultimately get air brushed and edited on Photoshop. This is not fitness. It never was and never will be.