A Basic Guide On How To Go Down On A Woman


A Basic Guide On How To Go Down On A Woman : Women are sensual creatures and everything you may or may not do to turn them on needs a lot of detailed attention and time. Men, of course, have more vocal bodies and minds, where their adrenaline gets a kick seeing something as evident as a woman’s honkers or her round butt. But, for women, it’s not that easy to get turned on just by looking at a man’s physicality. There has to be a lot more that goes into making her take a walk around pleasureville.


Women thrive on oral sex and foreplay. It’s their safety net because for them sex is not always the best. There is always a chance of missing out on climaxing because women don’t always cum, even if they RSVP to a party. It’s a stated fact. For you to build up the fizz, you have to first shake the can a bit!

A Basic Guide On How To Go Down On A Woman

Even though women shy away from cunnilingus from time to time, it’s by far the most pleasured activity they’ve ever indulged in. What your tongue can do down there, defines the way she sees sex and if it’s something to look forward to, for her or not. If you spend enough time on her, down there and everywhere else, (before taking your junk out and riding her like a rodeo bull, i.e.), you’re actually prepping her body and mind to experience intense or multiple orgasms. For women who have trouble climaxing, it’s probably because men seldom indulge in proper oral sex with them.

To be fair, vulvas and vaginas are a bit tough to navigate and locate. You can clearly and easily lose your way. Besides, they’re all different and they react to different types of stimuli, so it’s not all roses and peaches down there. So figuring out what each one likes, can be quite a task tbh. Some vagina’s like a turbo charged tongue on their clit, wherein some like a gentle all-tongue-slurp on their vulva. It’s best to try every trick you can in the book to see what makes her go wild; or better yet, asking her what she likes and how she likes it, is the next best trick!

So if you’re Mr. lost losterson at work down there, and having a tough time deciding where to put your tongue or how many fingers can actually go inside her vag, we’re gonna save you some trouble and TRY and make you the master of cunnilingus, after all!

A Basic Guide On How To Go Down On A Woman

Pre-Heating The Oven

To bake some delish goods, the oven has to be nice and hot first. You can’t just take a dive with your tongue and make a mess down there! You have to sensually get to her clit, sans the mess. It’s best to not focus on something you’re not too skilled at. Make the whole experience an elaborate plan to s

timulate every muscle in her body. Necking her neck, kissing her lips gently and going down with your tongue on her chest and beltline will definitely wire her brain in the right direction.

Half the battle is won, if you give your woman the mental stimulation she requires before you go all out with her. So, do whatever you can with your words and hands before you reach the spot and give her the almighty experience.

Perf The Position

She may know the best position to be in while you stick your tongue down there and do your thing but for your own convenience and benefit (to prevent a backbreaking experience, if at all) you can maybe put a pillow under her butt to lift her pelvis up. It’ll be great for her comfort too. You have to make sure her knees are open wide so you have a far greater opening to work with and then you can easily part her lips down there wider than when Moses parted the Red Sea.

Staring Is Not Rude

While rounding up women to ask them about their personal cunnilingus experiences, we came across many women who said that they love it when men are curious down there. Sex shouldn’t be rushed unless it’s a quickie, obviously. So, if you have enough time, do your due diligence and study her vagina well. You can play with it while getting to know it better. It’s like going on a date and asking her every possible question to get to know them better.

You can stroke her outer lips with your fingers while parting them gently to see what lies beneath. Finding the G-Spot isn’t as intense as it’s made to seem and you’ll only figure it out if you slowly unravel the mystery of the beautiful clit. Go on, spend some time staring and playing with her down there. It’ll really help you.

The Technique

All women want different things, that’s a given but to know what they really want, you need to listen. Here, if there isn’t much talking happening, you need to pay attention to her body movements. They will tell you everything you need to figure out. Yeah, you’re probably not as intuitive as women generally are and you like things straight up but come on, shying away from basic homework should be the last of your agendas.

The Basic Technique: Tonguing is as basic as it can get. Before you get your hands all wet (literally), go down there with your tongue and start with the up-and-down rhythm. The build-up should be like a crescendo. Eventually, the rhythm is gonna get you, so you can change your motion or try something new. Pro tip: tapping the upper part of the vulva with your three fingers or your palm, slowly, is a huge turn on!.

The Two Finger Technique: After she’s evenly wet, place your index and middle finger on the sides of her vaginal wall and slide them up and down, opening and exposing her vulva and her clitoris. You can place your tongue in the middle if you like. This helps in building sufficient momentum and it’s quite a tease for her too. Don’t slip your fingers in yet, let her enjoy this ride.

Slippery, Only When Wet: If she’s wet enough, slide your middle finger in. If there is room for more, you can slide your ring finger in too. Now be wary of the fact that her vagina isn’t a trampoline that your fingers need to vigorously jump on. Find her spot by studying her body movements and once you do, move your fingers slowly in accordance to her rhythm. Let her enjoy the stimulation.

The Gecko Tongue: If you’re trying to find her clit, don’t jab her like a machine gun or pretend like you’re writing alphabets with your tongue. Use the tip of your tongue or the entire tongue to explore her goodies. The clit is the central spot of the vulva and it does not take a rocket scientist to locate it. It’s usually hidden beneath the point where the inner labia meet and form a hood. So find the hood (not with your fingers) and you’ll find hidden treasure.Use Your Face: Sometimes using your whole face and not just your tongue can be incredibly helpful. For instance, if you’re going for direct clitoral stimulation, try cupping her clit gently between your lips, while you move your head around. Be a nosy parker if you can and bring your nose in for some stimulation. If you have trouble with her smell down there, this entire activity isn’t for you, bub.

Patience Will Get Her Off

She may not always cum. Yeah, that’s a given but you can try the best tricks of the trade to make her see stars. Just don’t get all ‘goal oriented’ and lose focus on showing her a good time or having fun yourself! It’s a given, that one of the sexiest things that turns a woman on is a man’s patience and ability to act like being between a woman’s legs is his favourite place in the world. It’s your hopeless want to please her that will eventually get her off and not you struggling to find an easier way out!

So, the next time you go down on a woman, don’t be nervous. Be yourself and go with the flow and the flow will eventually go with you too!