A pork roll, mustard and The Duck’s

The Duck Matilda bay

As chief craft beer connoisseur I take my job at CraftyDrop.com very seriously. I therefore thought it best that I clean my palette with half a pork roll and some mustard  before I take on Matilda Bay’s – The Duck’s.

Charlie inside my head: “Tom that’s not how you do it!”  Yes – Charlie you are right. But my thinking is that why shouldn’t I, I mean when we drink beer we drink it involved in life. That means we are chatting to people, we’re poking the BBQ, we’re on the beach and we’re most probably eating a bowl of fries with Aioli sauce. I think beer needs to fit into our lives and therefore I think when we taste and drink beer it needs to compete with flavors that surround us. Well at least that’s what I’m telling myself because I really want to eat this pork roll and drink some beer.

The look:

The Duck matilda bay craft beer

It carries a solid colour, just off center golden darkish brown. I would say Pantone 138 to be exact. Yes I match the colour. I’m taking this job seriously.

Visibility or Opacity: “Not clear” In diving terms I would say you have about 4.5 meters of clarity.

The taste:

So I sit back with my pork roll put on the cricket and think why the hell did they call this beer The Duck’s. Does it have something to do with cricket – Must have. Do you think when you taste this pale ale it’s like the feeling you get when you bowl the oppositions star batsman out for a duck?  The elation, the self believe, the crowd cheering after you “How brilliant you are. Take a bow” Wow – what a beer!  Or is it the opposite. Does it bring on the feeling of being bowled out for a duck. Being the star batsman that’s just been bowled out for no runs, no runs at all. The star batsman that has to take long walk of shame back to the dressing room whilst the duck character goes mad quaking around on the big screen.

I Take my first sip and immediately I can taste hints of mustard and pork roll. Strange start. Then I take a few more sips. Let the beer clean my pallet, let the beer wrap my taste buds and command control. It’s not a strong beer, but it’s not a light beer either. I think they call that medium bodied. It holds itself in your mouth with a slightly rounded thickness and texture. It has substance to it. A substance of hops, cinnamon and maybe even a little orange. Combine that with an aroma of honey, it delivers a husky sweetness to your  palette. With a fresh and crisp after taste it reminds me of walking out of the house just after it’s rained.

That renewed, clean and crisp feeling. I guess in a way it might just relate that feeling of bowling that star batsman out. It’s a sense of accomplishment – now onto the next batsman the next sip. It’s new beginnings, the sun popping its head out after that down pour.  Okay so not sure that link works particularly well but what I’m trying to say is that this beer is  on the side of the successful bowler than the failing batsman.