All About Forensic Science


The forensics science means the scientific procedures that are being applied to legal problems. It is a science that is used for the purpose of the law. It provides impartial scientific evidence for use in the courts of law, especially in a criminal investigation and trial. It is the application of scientific knowledge and methodology to legal problems as well as for investigating criminal cases.
Learn about Forensic Science! With the increasing popularity of crime drams, more and more student are now opt to study the criminal and forensic science in the United States of America. If, you too, are interested in learning forensic science and criminal science, find the most rewarding university. The West Virginia University is the best place to learn this new emerging science.
The forensic science programs are offered at many institutions. The West Virginia University is one of the best recommended universities to offer quality programs on forensic and criminal science. The accredited program of the university meets the rigorous standards of the teaching, faculty qualifications, classes, structures and facilities. A degree from an accredited educational institute always carries significant weight. Upon completion of the program you receive a degree that really carries weightage in the forensic science community. It opens respectful career options in the field of forensic science and criminal science.
Forensic Science Program For Graduates
The Department of Forensic And Investigation Sciences offer graduate studies leading to a degree of Master of Science. You can find a quality FEPAC (Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission) accredited degree program which is quantitative, top-quality, science-based and rigorous.
The course concentrates on advanced science classes on microscopy, pattern evidence, laboratory management and trace evidence. The program is comprised of a core of advanced chemistry, analytical chemistry and impression evidence. Here you can learn ethics, laboratory management and professional communications. It is mandatory to complete a minimum of 40 credit hours of the said program. The degree offered upon completion of the program recognizes that future forensic scientists will need greater education and training to work in state and national forensic laboratories. The program is specially designed to shape tomorrow’s laboratory analysts and forensic science investigators.
Forensic Science Program For Undergraduates
Those who are undergraduates can take the Forensic Science program through WVU University. The student needs to complete 420 hours of internship with United States Secret Service, Local and state police agencies, labs, forensic laboratories nationwide, etc. The Bachelor of Science Degree at West Virginia University is accredited by FEPAC (Forensic Science Education Program Accreditation Commission) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
Upon graduation from the WVU’s Forensic and Investigation Science Program, you will be able to:
• Demonstrate the competency in the collecting, processing, analysis and evaluation of the evidences
• Taking data generated during a forensic investigation and prepare for trail. This way you will be able to testify to the interpretation of the evidence
• You can present a portfolio along with the resume, certificates, internship experience, and other experience you can achieve during the program commencement
• You will be able to demonstrate on applying the skills and knowledge in the most professional way that you have gained during internship experience.
Online Courses On Forensic Science
WVU is the only institute where you can achieve Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Forensic Science. The WVU University also offers online course to learn forensic science from the comfort of place and time. You can easily take the online course in six-week blocks. The registration for each block will be open a month in advance and continue through the first week of the course. Upon completion of the program successfully, you will be honoured with a certificate of course completion from West Virginia University Academic Innovation.
Onsite Courses At WVU
The WVU offers onsite courses and workshops on the Forensic Science program throughout the year. The courses available here are designed to meet the diverse needs of forensic science community. The course offers quality training to practicing forensic scientists, law enforcement officers and public attorneys across the country and abroad. The onsite courses available on Forensic science by WVU offer a great platform to those who have desires to enhance their knowledge and skills in this rapidly changing and evolving field of forensic science.
Forensic Identification Club
The West Virginia University is the most recognized university. It offers the most quality courses on forensic science. The WVU Forensic ID club is the most recognized West Virginia University Student Organization. Started in 2001, the club ships over 100 members. The club offers great platform to enhance their skills and knowledge in forensic science and investigation in different ways:
• The club distributes the fingerprint ID kits
• They assists the FBI with fingerprinting children during mountaineer week
• The club hosts speakers on various forensic science subjects
• The student can attend the conferences related to the forensic profession
• Fills stockings for children served by the Salvation Army
• It also host gathering and fun activities for the members and their families
Forensic Outreach
The outreach and demonstration team performs demonstrations such as bloodstain patter analysis, fingerprinting, ink chromatography, and other fun demonstrations of science as applied to forensic science.
Studying The Forensic Science
The forensic science is very difficult to study, especially in the areas of DNA and tracing the evidences. Actually, the study of forensic science involves a multi-disciplinary approach that covers everything right from the biological methods to analytical chemistry techniques.
Application Of Forensic Science
The field of forensic science draws from different scientific branches such as biology, chemistry and physics. It also focus on the recognizing, identifying and evaluating the physical evidences. It serves the most important part of judicial system and is utilized as a broad spectrum of science that helps in achieving the relevant information to criminal and legal evidences. The Forensic science has power to prove of the crime through:
• Examination of physical evidence
• Administration of tests
• Interpretation of data
• Clear and concise reporting
• Truthful testimony of a forensic scientist
This science has now become the most integral part of investigating many criminal cases and convictions in the most scientific manner. It serves great to defence and prosecution arguments. Overall, it offers a great and bright career in the field of investigation of crime in the most lawful and scientific way.