An Ambitious Project By Supreme Court To Go Paperless


The Supreme Court is already into making all preparations to go paperless. In the country all high courts have been provided with login IDs by the registry so that they are able to upload digitalized records.  This project to be implemented by is indeed an ambitious one.

Implementation of the project would be done gradually, according to the apex court registry. Judges will digitally access, only fresh matters listed in the first five courts, at the first instance. An interactive display device will be used for the same. Digitalized records have to be uploaded in the prescribed format for which login IDs have been provided to all high courts in the nation.

In a press release, registry of the apex court stated the all preparations have been made by the Supreme Court to make sure the court goes paperless. Considering various functional and technical issues are involved in the paperless court concept, a proposal is made for gradual implementation of the project. For the judges and advocates this working method would be new and hence a gradual implementation is necessary.

Case files in large numbers had been uploaded by various high courts in the country after the ICMIS – Integrated Case Management Information System had been launched. Communication between all high courts and the Supreme Court is on and with the high court nodal officers, video conferences too are being held. Accordingly, with the aim of making the Supreme Court go paperless, periodic updating of the process will be done.

Help desks have been provided by the apex court to extend facilities of disseminating details to everyone concerned. At the reception counter of the court, two help desks have been provided for anyone keen on availing information about ICMIS implementation and any other matter related to the issue.