Be A Qualified Massage Therapist


Massage therapy is interesting and rewarding career. The demand for massage therapists is growing considerably all over the world. This is the career option that can provide you money as well as satisfaction of helping people. The working environment is exciting and positive that gives you the satisfaction of mind, too.

This is the most interesting career that you can think for you. This is the most rewarding career though which you can not only help other but can help yourself and your loved one. You can work flexibly and can get great opportunity to make handsome money, too. You can find great openings for you as a massage therapist in a resort spa, cruise ship, destination spa, sports clinic, a day spa, etc. or you can have your own practice or can have your own spa.

If you are looking to shape up your career as a therapist, why don’t you choose the Texas Center for Massage Therapy? This is the most renowned center to learn massage therapy. The features of the center are:

  • You can graduate in massage therapy in as little as seven and half months only
  • The center offers financial aid for those who qualify for the same
  • You can graduate with valuable hands-on experience in the student clinic
  • The center offers career placement assistance to all the students and graduates
  • You can take the class flexibly (day or evening batches are available)
  • The center is a member of the Steiner Education Group

The Texas Center for Massage Therapy is a member of Steiner Education Group, which operates massage therapy schools and skin care schools at 30 campuses in 13 states. The Steiner Education Group provides high-quality and comprehensive training program that prepares the graduates for successful career in massage therapy, wellness, skin care and health related fields. The Texas Center for Massage Therapy has 30 years of experience and is proud to have more than ten thousands of graduates working all over the world. The center is well-known throughout the industry to produce the most talented massage therapists in the nation.



The Texas Center For Massage Therapy Dallas and Houston campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). The Texas Center for Massage Therapy along with its Professional Massage Therapy program is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. It meets all the standards and offer quality education in massage therapy.

Career Services

The Texas Center for Massage Therapy provides the highest quality education to the students. It also helps the students to find their dream jobs in the field of massage therapy. The center is a part of SEG (Steiner Education Group) that offers massage therapy and aesthetics trainings at 30 campuses in 13 states. The Steiner Education Group’s National Career Services Department gives the Texas Center for Massage Therapy students and graduates unique access to a world of opportunities. For qualified student, there are ample options to shape up a very good career in the massage therapy around the world. There are ample career opportunities rising in daily spa, resort spa, sport clinics, destination spa, cruise ship, etc. Having a own spa or doing private practice as a massage therapist are also great options available these days.

Professional Massage Theory Program

The Texas Center for Massage Therapy offers a Professional Massage Therapy Program. This is a diploma program that prepares the student for entry level positions and helps them to become successful practicing body-workers. This diploma program exceeds the standards set by the national certification. It also meets the standards set by most state and municipal governments for licensing.

The program is designed to make the student well-aware about the art and science of the massage therapy. It also teaches the sound business practices in the field of massage therapy which prepare students for success in the world.

The Professional Massage Therapy Program is designed to make the student learn light energy work as well as the deep-tissue modalities. The student learns Easter and Western therapy and technics. The students learn how to address specific pain and dysfunction. They learn along with a holistic approach to the health and healing. The course teaches the basic massage theory and techniques through its traditional Swedish massage.

In the Professional Massage Therapy Program students are taught an Easter paradigm of body therapies such as Shiatus and Acupressure. They also learns the contemporary modalities like trigger point therapy, structural bodywork, sports massage, cranial sacral therapy and injury massage. Along with the massage therapy the student also learns the body training as remedial exercise, body awareness, passive stretching, relaxation techniques, etc. They also learn the body mechanism. In order to provide good support to body mechanics, the students receive a course in movement for the massage therapist.

The Professional Massage Therapy Program available at Texas Center for Massage Therapy is coached by the best trainers. The students are coached in the best use of their own bodies while doing the work. The program creates the personal experience of the massage therapy to every student.

With successful completion of the diploma program which is of seven and half month duration, the student becomes a proficient body-worker. The students here are trained to become successful in the world as a sole practitioner, independent contractor or as an employee. Whatever the option they choose, they can sparkle in their talent and whatever they have learned in the Texas Center for Massage Therapy.

Professional Massage Therapy Program Curriculum

As a part of the Professional Massage Therapy Program curriculum, the students complete a comprehensive Business and Ethics course. The course is made up of strategies for starting and operating a massage therapy business. It also includes presentation, advertising, job interviewing skills, resume writing skills, etc. It also shares the integration of sound business practices with a holistic approach to the health care. The center also offers Clinical Internship that provides the student on-the-job training and experience and prepares the student for working professionally.

Professional Massage Therapy Program Objectives:

  • Developing the personal and professional potential of the students so that they can enter the field as a Massage Therapists and can offer quality services to the clients and to the employers
  • Training the students in the theory and techniques of a balanced blend of bodywork modalities.
  • Preparing the student to seek gainful employment as a Massage Therapists where they can apply traditional Swedish style massage, acupressure, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, clinical bodywork, shiatsu and other modalities
  • Preparing the student to qualify for the MBLEx (Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam) and other state recognized licensing exams

Massage therapists are gaining popularity these days. More and more career options are waiting for the professional massage therapists in spas, resorts, cruise ships, sport clinics, clinical settings, national massage clinic chains, etc. Privately practicing massage therapists are also in good demand. So, choose this field and shape your bright career as a Massage Therapist qualified from Texas Center For Massage Therapy!