Those who have beautiful heart they never fail!!


“I’ve been working at this job since the past 22 years. I was always considered a failure because I failed the 8th standard and didn’t know English, but today I can speak around 10 languages, including English, French and Russian. Believe it or not, working here at the Chateau Windsor has taught me everything about life. The people I’ve met and the stories they’ve shared… how do I even begin?”

“Who is your biggest inspiration?”
I have 3 — my daughters. They’re the princesses of my heart…everything I do is for them. From their education, to their marriage I have wanted to give them all the happiness in the world. They inspire me to work, to progress and to be a better person. Every time I make a decision, I first think, ‘will this set a good example for my daughters?’ and that’s why they’re my biggest inspiration.”