Beautiful Pics of Poonam Kaur, the mystery girl from IPL 2017 opening ceremony!

The IPL 2017 Opening Ceremony was a drab event as opposed to the expectations of the viewers. But one girl stole the show and here are some pics of Poonam Kaur, that mystery girl.

The tenth season of Indian Premier League kicked off yesterday in Hyderabad. Every IPL opening ceremony is known to be extremely high on glamor quotient but IPL 2017 opening ceremony was not so exciting even though was the star performer of the day. Amy’s dance was something that we are not too excited to once again. But one mystery girl was able to save the day and here we are with some must-see pics of Poonam Kaur.

Amy Jackson performing in IPL 2017But first, let’s take a look at Twitterati’s reaction to Amy’s performance-

Amy Jackson dancing ws D mst hilarious prt of D opening! cld have hired sunny deol atleast his dance is better than amy!?

— Manasi (@tambade_manasi)

Useless …that was the worst performance at

— Giri Chokkalingam (@giri_rc)

What people expected from IPL and what IPL delivered.

— Rahul Gandhi (@NotThatRahul)

You watch for few minutes… and even RGV ki Aag feels like a classical film & most entertaining thing on the earth.

— Paresh Rawal fan (@Babu_Bhaiyaa)

Yes, it was that bad! Now, let’s take a look at some lovely pictures of the girl of the moment-

She’s got style! But first, let me take a selfie! Black and white The traditional look Smiley smile! Those eyes! Such elegance! Beautiful, isn’t she? That’s how she welcomes summer! Wow! Her happiness is infectious Close-up smile anyone? Those eyes speak volumes!Poonam Lal Kaur or Poonam Kaur has done a number of movies down south and recently she was even nominated as the brand ambassador for Miss Telangana Event. We think it’s only a matter of time that we get to see her in Hindi films too!

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