Best tips to manage your finances during pandemic

Best tips to manage your finances during pandemic

The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic brought everything to a sudden halt. Just like our lives, it disrupted many sectors of the economy. It also changed how people think about money and plan their finances. Poor financial management can cause significant stress in individuals, hampering their overall health and well-being. It helps to differentiate between wants and needs. And funds should be allocated for fulfilling physiological needs.

Whether it’s planning for the long-term future or managing existing debts, getting finances in order is vital to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The crisis derailed many from fulfilling financial goals. However, chances are high of recovering from those setbacks by strategising properly. It is advisable that one stays in regular touch with their financial advisor the same way they consult their doctors when keeping unwell. Now is the time to overcome any possible financial setbacks caused by the pandemic which left many with stress and anxiety.

How to plan finances properly

Amit Narula, co-founder and director of Money in Minutes, said that a proper planning of finances also ensures a better standard of living. With adequate funds, people can take care of monthly expenses, invest in future goals, and even splurge a bit without having to worry. Financial planning helps in managing money efficiently so that people can enjoy peace of mind.

He said that it is impossible to save money without a financial plan in place. When there is a financial plan in place, it gives a good deal of insight into total income and corresponding expenses. “This can help in easily tracking and cutting down extra costs consciously, thus increasing savings in the long term,” Amit said.


Ways to improve financial wellness

Like most of our everyday stress, even the stress related to money management can be effectively dealt with. There are healthy strategies available that can help in managing finances as well as wellbeing. These are:

Identify the financial stressors

Sensible planning is essential to organising finances. One must take stock of their current financial situation and what causes them stress. Write down ways in which you and your family can cut down on expenses or manage your finances in a better way. Then draw up a specific plan, commit to it and review it from time-to-time. Also, list down your financial goals for the future – these can be short-term and modest like saving for a family vacation or essential and urgent like paying off electricity bills.

Recognise reactions to financial stress

In difficult economic times, some people are likely to turn to unhealthy activities like drinking, smoking, gambling, drugs or emotional eating. The financial strains can also lead to a rift and arguments among partners. One needs to be alert to these behaviours. If they are causing serious trouble, then one must seek timely help from a psychologist or community health clinic.

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