Bill Gates “Mann Ki Baat” On Demonetization…


It seems the political lot are the only ones who are opposing NDA’s decisive move to demonetize Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. The Opposition was expected to go against the move, it is the people ‘mandate’ of India who have supported the bold move- World’s most distinguished economists and industry heads too, have appreciated the move.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was here in India on Wednesday, to deliver a speech for the ‘NITI-Lectures series: Transforming India’ in the presence of PM Narendra Modi and his Cabinet colleagues. He spoke at length on issues ranging from the economy, demonetization, health care etc. His views on demonetisation should be noted by our politicians who have opposed this move.

Bill Gates- technology czar and philanthropist lauded the government’s decisive move to demonetize larger currency notes. He said that replacing old currency notes with the new currency notes was an important step, which will lead India away from the shadow economy to a more transparent one. The new currency notes carry high security features, making it difficult to counterfeit it. Gates said with demonetization, digital transactions will rise up many folds, and soon, in the coming years India would become one of the most digitised economies not just by size, but percentage as well.

The technology czar and philanthropist urged the government to take steps to ease the expansion of its vast internal market by investing in infrastructure, building efficient markets, addressing land and labour issues, and streamlining tariffs and taxes. “It is fantastic that you took steps to change the GST, but that is just the beginning,” he said.


He urged the government to take well-planed steps to ease the expansion of vast internal market in India, by investing in infrastructure, building efficient markets, addressing land and labour issues, and stream lining tariffs and taxes. He opined, India needs to change the market environment, such that innovation takes centre stage and products for the future are built. “The world is looking to India not just to solve its problems but to address global challenges through innovation,” Gates said

He appreciated Government initiatives like Start Up India and Swachh Bharat, and said that India is seeing great changes; changes which had never been done before.

He said India had a government that was committed to solving its big problems. Pointing out the Digital India and MyGov initiatives, he said much more could be done to streamline the delivery of public services by investing in the digital infrastructure that enables better planning, performance monitoring, and grievance redressal. Ending his speech, Gates said, “Ye hai mere mann ki baat.”