Sep 26, 2023

Your primary defense against the deadly coronavirus is your immune system and robust health. Those with underlying conditions and old people are more at risk of complications with this virus. Another factor that can lead to problems is obesity.

Studies have proved that obesity can lower the immune function and increases the risks of infection. Exercising can help you build a strong immune system and tide over different health problems.

Obesity is a “BIG” risk for Severe COVID Disease

As compared to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, obese COVID-19 patients are more at risk of complications. This is no surprise as previous studies have already l inked obesity with serious ailments.

The good news is that you have control over your health and these conditions, like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases can be reversed with life style changes.

Exercise can lower the Risk of Mortality from COVID-19

Besides the intake of a healthy diet and ensuring you eat on time, exercising on a regular basis is that perfect strategy for strengthening your immune system.

Research has also proved that exercise can also help in preventing ARDS (Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome), which is a major cause of death among those suffering from the coronavirus.

EcSOD , endogenous antioxidant, made inside your body and excreted from your muscles into the circulation of blood plays an important role in bringing down the risk of death. This can be got from regular exercising. This not only protects your tissues but also eliminates the free radicals that are harmful.

Any decrease in this EcSOD can lead to chronic diseases.

Boost your Immune System with Exercise

The immune system is a collection of the white blood cells that are made with the bone marrow. This protects you from different bacteria and viruses. Exercising helps in producing different types of white blood cells.

Stressful times can lead to the weakening of the immune system. It is important to ensure you exercise regularly, especially during these times.

The other benefits of exercise include

Increase in bone density and decrease in the risk of osteoporosis

Improving the quality of sleep that can be helpful in recovery

The elevated body temperature during exercise can help in fighting different infections

Blood flow Restriction Training

The BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training works well for most. This is termed as a ‘perfect’ strategy for those above 50 or 60 for gaining muscle mass with minimal risk to injury.

This type of training can also increase endurance and strength, which is equally important when you are looking to strengthen your immune system.

One of the many reasons the BFR training works well during the COVID-19 times is because this can increase nitric oxide. This is being studied at present as a treatment for COVID-19.

This training can improve the overall metabolic along with the physical health.

Ensure you plan a minimum of fifteen minutes of exercise during these trying times. This can definitely help in strengthening the immune system.