The case of a Chief Minister, Minister and a senior counsel


May 17 – Ram Jethmalani calls Arun Jaitely ‘a crook’ in his cross examination of on behalf of Arvind Kejriwal. Arun Jaitley objects and files defamation case soon after. Later Kejriwal states he had nothing to do with the words used by the senior counsel and had not instructed to use the word.

July 20th – Jethmalani wrote to Kejiriwal “When Arun Jaitley filed the first suit and criminal case, you naturally sought my services. Ask your conscience how many times you used worse abuses than a mere ‘crook’. You have hundred times asked me to teach this crook a lesson.”

It is said that Kejriwal hit out at Jethmalani stating “Conversations between a client and his advocate cannot be put out in the public domain.”

July 25th – Kejriwal submitted an affidavit which stated “With due respect, it is submitted that neither Kejriwal nor the counsel briefing the senior counsel Jethmalani gave instructions to the senior counsel to use the objectionable words on May 17, 2017,”

July 26th – Jethmalani resigns as the counsel of Kejriwal. The letter had these words. “The reason behind it is he (Kejriwal) has spoken a lie. He has gone and said that I have not given any instructions, but fact is he did and I have them recorded. I’m not disappointed at all; I did all that I could do. If he does not pay me I don’t mind, because I have fought for many for free. It does not make a difference if I lose one,”

July 29th – The letter is put on the blog of Ram Jethmalani for all to view

This news makes headlines because it involves three well educated, prominent people who hold responsible posts to take India forward. And here we have them wallowing in the worst mud slings. Grow up please.