Cirkus star Ranveer Singh says he can retire from acting; here’s why [Exclusive]


Ranveer Singh tells Pooja Hegde he can retire also as an actor; here’s why in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife.

Ranveer Singh tells Pooja Hegde in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife that he can even retire after she asks him if he is satisfied. Bollywood life met the Cirkus star cast and got candid with them like never before. Pooja Hegde who has been ruling hearts with her back-to-back releases is also a part of Cirkus and we quizzed the actress if she is satisfied with her work, where she was sitting beside Ranveer and said that no actor will be satisfied with his or her work when she asked Ranveer, he said he can even retire, to which Pooja said that she has a long journey to go.

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