Delta faucet 58471-ss-pk (Shower Head Reviews)


The Delta Faucet 58471-ss-pk is all that is required to enjoy a luxurious shower any time of the day. With the hectic lifestyle of most of us, a shower can make all the difference to how you feel either in the morning when you wake up or after a long day at work. The 4-setting of this combo shower gives you the choice of using the hand shower along with the shower head either separately or even together.

H2O Kinetic Spray

The technology of the H2o Kinetic Spray used in these showers gives you a feel of more water with an unforgettable experience which makes you want more. Each of the hand shower and the shower head contains a system internally which control the movement, speed and also the size of the droplet in the shower. This is what gives you the experience of more water as compared to normal showers.

Hand held Shower

The hand held shower is beneficial in more than one way. You can use this for rinsing out the surrounding walls and tiles along with the shower after every use, which saves on labor of rinsing the shower once in a way. Hand held showers offer flexibility of having a total rinse which might not be possible otherwise. These work as great massagers as this model of the shower gives you a choice between the slow massage, Full Spray, Massage spray and the Massage spray or the full spray with massage. You can direct the flow of water where required without struggling to rinse off your hair by turning and twisting at odd positions.

The Docking Hand Shower

The Delta Magnetite docking is a great help in getting the hand shower snap into place with a little effort, which might not be possible with other hand showers.

Durability and Style

The finish of stainless steel ensures there is no corrosion and the shower lasts for a long span of time, besides which, as there is no discoloration and tarnishing in this model you have the looks maintained for a longer period. The durability factor is taken care of. The design of this shower is apt for all types of bathrooms and can enhance the looks to a large extent.


This model has a settings of 4 sprays which includes the massage spray for those days when you feel exhausted, a pause setting so that you are able to take time to either shave or lather yourself with soap, the H2o kinetic spray for a drenched feeling, a H2O kinetic massage spray which is able to redirect the flow into a hydro massage.

There are hardly any disadvantages you can talk about when you referring to this model. The only effort you will need to make is change the settings, which can be considered as negligible for the experience you, get of a shower with this shower head.

Opting for the Delta Faucet

There are no arguments and debates when talking about this model. All that can be said is this is an ‘essential’ for all those who enjoy the experience of a shower and need one to get through their day in a relaxed mode. Opting for the same and ordering for this as soon as possible is all that you can do,