The Ejaculation Problem Most Men Don’t Know Anything About

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Next time you are down for some action and even if you are totally into it and can’t ejaculate after 20 minutes, you might just want to see a doctor.  The usual time frame for an average guy to ejaculate is around 5 minutes and research says that going over 20 minutes might be more for a problem than being a Herculean task.

What Causes Delayed Ejaculation

Just like most sex related problems stem out of strenuous life style nowadays, delayed ejaculation is nothing different. Anxiety, depression, social and financial pressure, all this can lead to delayed ejaculation. Even the anxiety of performing well while having sex itself can onset delayed ejaculation. Then it’s the important role of hormones- testosterone and thyroid, which can cause this condition. Guys with low testosterone and thyroid profiles are more likely to face this issue. Abusing drugs and alcohol can also make you more prone to this.  Also, an addiction to masturbation can make things worse.

As The Adrenaline Goes Up, It Gets Harder to Get An Erection

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If think you think that it’s a blessing, you might just want to think again. Just like too much of anything is not good, the guys who are facing this problem aren’t really happy. The longer you go without ejaculating during a session, the more anxious you start to get about why you aren’t ejaculating. This anxiety kick starts adrenaline production which inhibits erection. If you still manage to get it, chances are you will ejaculate late.

How Do You Treat It?

While there aren’t many medical treatments available for this condition, a change in lifestyle can be massively effective. Better eating and sleeping habits can also change a lot.