Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians


The Kardashians have come a long way since Keeping Up With The Kardashians started airing on TV. It’s not just a reality TV show you can watch and laugh at anymore. It’s pretty much a way of life. We no longer view them as simply entertainment. Pretty much all of the Kardashian ladies have become fashion icons, they know how to dress to impress, they always look good and there’s actually a couple of lessons we could learn from them.

1. Confidence
Confidence is key. Whatever you choose to wear, whatever style you’re rocking that day, you’ve got to wear it with confidence. It doesn’t really matter what others are wearing, or what people think, as long as you look confident you will look amazing. Kim has worn some pretty strange outfits and some very outrageous ones too, but did you ever see her looking unsure of herself or awkward? No. And that’s the whole point.

2. Family fashion
Family is everything. Even when it comes to fashion. They always stand together. Whether it’s trying out new styles or dressing up and going out to an event all together, they always look good together and they always support each other. It’s also not unheard of them to coordinate what they’re going to wear, so when they’re out together they look like a unit, each with their own style, but definitely coordinated.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians2

3. Power suit
Suits are a power move. They show you mean business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look serious and sexy at the same time. Kim definitely knows how to rock a suit and look amazing in it.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians3




4. Nude dress
A nude dress is far from boring if you wear it right. It’s a great way to showcase your curves without committing to a certain bold color. Wearing a nude dress is also an opportunity to play with texture.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians4

5. All white
Wearing one color from head to toe is actually a really good way to stand out. You might think it’ll look too matchy but if you coordinate things correctly it’ll look great. Remember that time Kim wore a white dress, a white choker and white strappy sandals? She looked stunning and her outfit was a monochromatic masterpiece.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians5



6. Black on black
Black is great color. It’s always slimming and it makes you look badass. However, wearing black on black might make you look like you’re a bit of a goth, unless you know how to wear it right. And the Kardashians definitely know the secret. Wearing black on black and playing with textures is always a winning combination.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians6

7. Pencil skirt
Pencil skirts aren’t just for offices. In fact, a wisely chosen and fitted pencil skirt can look amazing in any situation. It highlights the best features – a small waist, the curve of the hip and cuts just around your knees, which is flattering for everyone. If you have a couple of well tailored pencil skirts in multiple colors – you’re set for all occasions.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians7



8. Corsets
If there’s one thing that the Kardashians brought to our attention it’s that there’s no shame in wearing corsets. They make no secret of the fact that achieving that perfect hourglass figure is not easy, and their love for corsets and waist trainers knows no limits.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians8

9. Flawless makeup
Kardashians always look great, and a lot of it is thanks to their impeccable makeup. We’re not saying that they look bad barefaced, we’re just pointing out that their makeup game is strong. It doesn’t matter if they’re at a red carpet, at home, or out on the street just having a walk or going to get coffee – their makeup is flawless.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians9



10. Chic Street Style
Looking chic in street clothes is not an easy thing to do. It’s easy to look just comfy or casual, but they look chic. And we think their secret is in dressing up casual outfits with a cute pair of high-heels, or adding a chic accessory to an otherwise casual outfit. Like jeans and a shirt look way more chic with a pair of heels and even gym shoes and leggings will look chic when paired with a leather jacket.
-Fashion Lessons We Learned From The Kardashians10