She Fed Orphans By Begging On The Streets


There couldn’t be anyone more heroic than Sindhutai Sakpal, born in Pimpri Megher village in Wardha District. She fed orphans by begging on the streets herself. She was an unwanted kid, names as Chindhi, which means a torn piece of cloth and when she was nine months pregnant her abusive husband left her along. This lady born on 14th November 1948, never lost courage and with each difficulty she faced, she emerged stronger.

Even in her hand-to-mouth condition she mothered, nurtured and fed, more than 1400 homeless kids. This 68 year old strong personality is more than just a name. Mother of Orphans she is full of passion, energetic, hard working, has an unusual sense of confidence and is affectionate and very inspirational. For those who have no one, she is there, she says. After fourth grade she gave up education due to responsibilities in the family and was also married off early which killed her desire to study as well. When she was 10 years old she was married off to a 30 year abusive man.

At 20 she became pregnant, her husband threw her out of home and she delivered in a cow shed close to her house. She used a stone with sharp edge to cut off the umbilical cord, then in depression became suicidal, but instead began begging at railway stations. She fed her daughter and realized that lots of other abandoned kids and orphans needed help. Over a period of time, she adopted every orphan that came across, helped in educating them and settling them in life. Some of the kids are not engineers, doctors and lawyers. She gave away her daughter to Shrikmant Dagdu Sheth Halwai, a wealthy sweet maker in Pune. Her daughter runs an orphanage, herself as of today.