Google Maps with New AR Directions


Google has decided to add some tools to help you get more information from Google Maps. This includes the new, AR -powered directions on-screen and also pick-up listing for curbside that have been updated.

Google Maps AR allows you to use augmented reality (AR) when you are walking. This makes use of the camera on the phone’s rear for identifying where you are, superimposing details and direction on the display instead of just presenting the map.

AI is able to identify what you see and the GPS helps in putting the position in the map. The problem of not knowing which way you need to walk is solved by the AR on Google Maps.

Finding AR on Google Maps

It is easy to find this function on Google Maps.


Search for the destination, and ensure you select walking. Then all you need to do is tap on the ‘Start AR’ that is at the bottom of the page.

Boosting of Business with AR Google Maps

1.Building Trust and Attracting Customers

Customers can now see what a specific business looks like.

As Google Maps can now show the customers what a specific business is all about, you can gain the trust of these customers easily. This also tells your customers how to reach to your business along with the location of the business.

  1. Access and Directions

Present times has seen an increase in customers who want to see what an actual business looks like, more so if this is an eating joint like a restaurant or probably a café or a bakery. They want to have a clear picture of what the business looks like inside and also outside.

This virtual tour is easy with Google Maps. This helps in gaining the new customers you are looking for.

  1. Additional Help with AR

In case you are catching a flight, the AR can also guide you to the nearest escalator or elevator, platform, gate, check in counters, restrooms, ticket workplace or even the ATM’s. The instructions with the arrows will be able to guide you in a precise manner.

  1. Air Pollution and Climate on Google Maps

Google has also decided to add climate and pollution indicators on Google Maps. You will be able to see not only the present climatic conditions but also the forecast. This means, there is no way you get caught in the rain without a raincoat or an umbrella.

Google has plans for revamping the interface so that this can pick up your transportation for directions on iOS and also Android. At present, you need to toggle through a number of different tabs to see any more details on different options of transportations. With the new interface, you will be only scrolling through a list. According to the company, Maps will be prioritizing the preferred modes to put those popular in different cities high in the list. This new interface will be rolling out anytime in the near future.

Google is all set to make all aspects of your life convenient and comfortable.