Home Remedy to Increase Breast size in only 1 month


Normally and international point of view the women with a beautiful figure, attractive face and heart teasing hairs is considered beautiful. Women beauty is actually in attractive and proper figure. So many women were found searching tips to increase breast size. First we check the reasons for the proper growth of breast.

Improper female figure reasons:

  • The biggest reason for an improper female figure is the hormonal disorder.
  • One another reason for female beauty is improper diet.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle or hormonal disorder directly affects the growth of female bust.
  • Laziness and less physical activities are also a big reason for the small bust.
  • The improper female figure is also inherited.

Natural Home Remedies for breast size enhancement

  • Join some good ladies gym and do proper exercises for breast enhancement.
  • A special hormone called estrogen in puberty cannot work properly which is also a big reason for a small bust. This imbalance in estrogens will be cured with supplements available on medical stores which will contribute in bust enhancement.
  • Menstrual disorder will disturb working of progesterone hormone due to which this hormone will not effectively stimulate the memory gland and ovaries and reduce breast growth. Thus, internal and external use of supplements made for progesterone will contribute in the growth of breast size.
  • Fenugreek and fennel juices will also effective in natural breast enhancement.
  • Soak red lentil when becomes soft crush them, apply this paste on the breast at night but avoid doing breast massage, this home remedy to increase breast size is very authentic.
  • Usage of family planning medicines also increases breast size.
  • Massage with lukewarm olive oil before going to bed for sleep.

How to increase breast size with Breast massages:

The best home remedy to enhance your breast size naturally is breast massages. 30 minutes daily massage will definitely increase 1 cup size breast in just 1 month. What breast massage actually does? Massaging would increase blood circulation and also increases phytoestrogens (hormones helpful in breast growth) flow in the bloodstream to the breast. Breast Massaging will also stimulate high production of prolactin (breast enhancement hormones).

How to do breast massage?

Rub breast for 2 seconds and consider one count, rub your both hands in regular intervals, continue doing for at least 300 counts regularly in the morning and night for one month. This breast massage will take 15 minutes.

Exercise for Breast enlargement

Specific exercises can also contribute in targeting breast muscles and will definitely help them grow naturally. These exercises are very easy and easy to do at home must try these simple home exercises for bust enhancement.


House Hold Chores

Household chores are best home remedy to increase breast size but due to lack of physical activity and use of electronic and automatic machines for household chores would leave women with an unhealthy body. Arms movement and muscles stretching are best for bust enhancement.

Wall press

Push up your body for 10 sec and take a breath, keep doing this exercise for at least 20 times daily in the morning and evening for better results. This exercise will take your maximum 5 minutes.

Swinging arms

Stand straight; swing your right arms by your side in clockwise directions, swing continuously for about 10 to 15 counts then relax for 5 to 10 sec and take a small breath. Now swing your left arm and swing by your side in anticlockwise direction again for 10 to 15 counts. Do this exercise for 8 to 10 minutes in regular intervals whenever you are free throughout the day. This is exercise will enlarge your breast size in very short span.