The Importance Of Colorado Car Insurance


Buying a car is always a major decision. Investing huge money in car, needs proper and careful decision. Different factors needs to be considered while choosing the right vehicle. At the same time, car insurance is of great importance. Car insurance is always important and is backed with several benefits to the car owner. Whether you use the car for your personal purpose or for business purpose, it is vital to insure your car.

When you drive in the Centennial State, Colorado, it is must to get your car insured. Whether you are hitting the slopes or heading to the office, it is must that your car is properly insured. As per the rules and regulations of Colorado government, the driver who fail to show the proof of car insurance can face the penalties of $500 or above along with the traffic tickets that gets added to the driving records. There are possibilities that the driving license may get dismissed and in some cases suspended community service hours. The law also states that the drivers are required to show the proof of car insurance to the Colorado Bureau of Motor Vehicles so as to register the vehicle.

So it is must to insure your car and submit the insurance proof to Colorado Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Various kinds of car insurance are designed and there are several companies in the business of offering car insurance. you can get Colorado car insurance quotes online and can switch to companies for insuring your car at affordable and discounted rates.

Ski Rack Requirements In Colorado


The Colorado government has set rules and regulations in regards with the height of the vehicle and the visibility of the driver. When fastening skis and other equipments to the roof, it is vital to check there is no visual obstruction. The ski tips could block the driver’s view through aby of the vehicle’s windshields. The height limit set is 13 feet and it is vital to sure that the ski rack placed on a tall vehicle should never cross the maximum limit prescribed by the government otherwise the fines or surcharges will be charged for the violations.

The Vehicle Insurance Requirements In Colorado

It is must for the vehicle owner driving on Colorado roads to have car insurance for their car. It is must for the vehicle owner to have at least the minimum limits on the vehicle insurance policies they purchase:

  • The body injury: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage: $15,000 per accident
  • Medical Payments: $5,000 per accident
  • Uninsured Motorist: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

If you don’t want to have uninsured motorist and medical payment, you can sign the option form available with the auto insurance companies Colorado.

Along with the above protection, there are several additional optional coverages. Such coverages are designed to offer better protection to yourself and to your vehicle. Consult the most professional and experienced insurance counsellor in Colorado to choose the best coverage for your auto insurance needs.

The Rule Regarding Licensing Process Of Colorado Teen Drivers

The teenagers are very passionate with driving the vehicles on the roads of Colorado. Those who are teenagers and want to get driving license on their 16th birthday, it is must for them to start taking education and training on driving before age 15. It is must for the teenager in Colorado to held a learner’s permit for at least 12 months before he or she apply for the Colorado driver’s license.

There are restrictions on using the mobile phones while driving in Colorado. The Colorado law prohibits the drivers those are teenagers below 18 years to use mobile phones while driving. The person is allowed to use mobile phone only for contacting the police, fire department or it is an emergency situation. It is prohibited to use mobiles while driving for text messaging. A text message to police, fire station and an emergency text messages are only allowed while driving.

What Is A Process To Obtain Driver’s License In Colorado?

Obtaining a driver’s license in Colorado needs to complete all the important procedure. The process for obtaining the driver’s license differs and depends on the age of a driver. Here are some important things those are vital and relate to obtaining driver’s license in Colorado.

  • For the teenagers who are interested in having learner’s permit, it is must to have completed a 30 hour driver’s education course before age 15 years and 6 months. The minimum age prescribed to get learner’s license is 15 years.
  • Permit holders those have completed 50 hours driving time and completed a 6 hours behind-the-wheel training course can held the driving permit for at least 12 months and only after that they are allowed to apply for driver’s license.
  • For those who are between the age 15 years and 6 months up to age 16 needs to complete either 30 hours driver’s education course or to attend 4-hour classroom driver awareness program in order to become eligible for learner’s permit. Such permit holders needs to complete 50 hours of driving time along with 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training program provided he or she is younger than 16 years and 6 months while applying for the license. Those who holds permit for 12 months can directly apply for the driver’s license.
  • For those who wish to start driving and are at age 16 or 17, there are no prior driver’s education needs before to become eligible for applying a learner’s permit. The permit holders should complete 50 hours driving time and those who hold the permit for 12 months can only apply for the driver’s license. The 6 hours behind-the-wheel training is optional in such case.
  • The Colorado law prohibits the drivers for the first year to drive between midnight till 5 in the morning. He or she can do so only if accompanied by parent, instructor or legal guardian.

The person sitting in driver’s seat whether teenager or adult, it is must to possess a driving license. It is must to follow the rules regarding getting the learner’s permit and driving license. Driving without permit or license is offense and is punishable. So, carry your driving license whenever you sit on the driver’s seat and drives vehicle in Colorado or anywhere in the world.

Along with the driving license it is must that the vehicle is properly insured. Get your car insured properly and see to it that the insurance covers all the important norms set by the government. Get your vehicle insured properly only with registered insurance companies in Colorado.

Undergo driver’s education program and become a safe driver. Insurance your car to bring added safety to you and to your car!