Dec 10, 2023
Virat Kohli ‘s magnificent 122 and Kedar Jadhav’s 120 was the cornerstone in India chasing down 350 against England in Pune. Their 200-run partnershiplaid a solid platform for India to chase down 350 for the third time in three years in an ODI in India. With this three-wicket win, India have taken a 1-0 lead in the series.. Catch live cricket score and updates of the India vs England 1st ODI from Pune here. (SCORECARD)21:57 hrs IST: That is all we have from here. Join us on January 19 for the second ODI in Cuttack.21:56 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav: It’s a great feeling that I could win a game for my country in front of my home crowd, and in front of my family. If you can make your team win, make your country proud, that’s the greatest feeling. I could play this long because of captain Virat Kohli. He has done it so many times, showing how to chase big totals. I missed many chances to bat with Virat and watch him bat closely in the past, so today was the chance. Special day for me

Kedar Jadhav’s second ODI century and his 200-run stand with Virat Kohli put India in the driver’s seat. (AFP)

21:54 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav is the Man of the Match for his knock of 120 off 76 balls. He gave the Pune crowd an evening to remember.

21:49 hrs IST: Virat Kohli: What a terrific innings by Kedar.Very special partnership that I will remember for a long time. To get a hundred like that at No.6 is special, espeially with your family here. The only situation was to counterattack

21:46 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan: You post 350 and think you’re in the game. Credit to Jadhav and Kohli. 350 is clearly not a winning score here

21:37 hrs IST: Ashwin seals the game in style as he launches Moeen Ali over long on for yet another six. It has been a brilliant effort, spearheaded by Kohli’s 122 and Jadhav’s 120. Special start for India under Virat Kohli’s full-time captaincy in all three formats.

21:30 hrs IST: An appeal for a run-out. It is mighty close and Pandya has just made it. They sneaked an extra run when the ball ricocheted off the stumps. Pandya seals the game when he blasts an inside out six to tie the scores.

21:25 hrs IST: Ashwin and Pandya are slowly getting India towards the target. They just have to hold their nerve, something which Jadeja could not. India need 12 off 18 balls to win.

21:20 hrs IST: Brilliant from Pandya. Short ball from Stokes and Pandya arches back to upper-glide it to the third man fence. India come closer.

21:17 hrs IST: Superb shot! Pandya laces the drive past cover for a much-needed boundary. 26 needed off 30 balls. The Baroda all-rounder holds the key now for India.l

21:14 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadeja falls! The pressure was getting to him and the match is evenly poised now.

Short ball from Ball and Jadeja aims to swipe it down the ground, he miscues it totally and Adil Rashid takes the catch at mid on.

Ravindra Jadeja c Adil Rashid b Jake Ball 13 (15), India 318/7 vs England, need 33 off 35 balls.

21:13 hrs IST: A tight over from Stokes but Buttler does not help the England cause by fumbling and allowing a bye. 33 runs needed off 36 balls.

21:10 hrs IST: Pandya almost runs himself out but he is safe. India remain on course with 36 needed off 41 balls. Can Jadeja hold his nerve?

21:05 hrs IST: Jadeja gives India some breathing space. Ball bowls it short on off stump and Jadeja thumps the pull to deep mid wicket. 40 runs needed off 46 balls.

21:02 hrs IST: India have crossed 300. They need 46 runs off 48 balls. It is up to Jadeja, Pandya and Ravichandran Ashwin to guide India home and ensure the hard work done by Jadhav and Kohli does not go to waste.

20:57 hrs IST: England opt for the review and it is against Jadeja. Stokes gets a back of a length delivery to zip through on middle stump, Jadeja hops and looks to work it to mid wicket, replays show it is missing the stumps.

20:56 hrs IST: Jadeja gets off the mark in style as he flicks a boundary to wide long on. Although India have lost wickets, the asking rate has been wonderful. India need just over 50 runs,

Kedar Jadhav notched up his second ODI century as he shared a 200-run stand with Virat Kohli in the Pune ODI against England. (REUTERS)

20:50 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadhav falls and he gets a standing ovation. What a knock this has been. Short ball from Ball and Kedar pulls it to deep square leg, Stokes takes the catch. Jadhav tells Pandya to maintain his calm and guide India through.

Kedar Jadhav c Ben Stokes b Jake Ball 120 (76), India 291/6 in 39.5 overs, need 60 runs to win off 61 balls vs England (350/7)

20:42 hrs IST: Jadhav is going to deal in only sixes. He latches on to a short ball from Ball and crunches the pull to the deep mid wicket fence. Next over from Stokes, Pandya pulls a short ball to fine leg. India need less than a run-a-ball

20:40 hrs IST: Uh oh! Not looking good out there for India. Jadhav is cramping up and he seems to be in big trouble. The physio is out attending to him.

Kedar Jadhav notched up his second ODI ton as India stayed in touch to chase down England’s 351. (AP)

20:38 hrs IST: Jadhav notches up his highest score in ODIs. He lofts the Ball down the ground for his third six and India need just 80 from 74 balls. Top knock this.

20:32 hrs IST: WICKET! Stokes has finally broken the partnership. Kohli is gutted as he walks back. The off-cutter from Stokes and Kohli miscues the pull shot, Willey takes the catch at cover. Ends a magnificent knock. Another chase, another exhibition from a great player.

Virat Kohli c David Willey b Ben Stokes 122 (105), India 263/5, need 88 to win off 82 balls

20:29 hrs IST: Brilliant from Jadhav. The Pune crowd erupt with joy as the local boy brings up his second century in ODIs. Simply superb.

20:23 hrs IST: Jadhav is just five away from a brilliant ton. This partnership has been a treat to watch.

20:17 hrs IST: Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. England are just wilting away. Kohli just has a small followthrough and punches the ball brilliantly, but the timing is so good that it sails to the long on fence. Jadhav moves into the 90s with another boundary.

Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav shared a magnificent partnership, with Jadhav nearing his second ODI ton. (BCCI)

20:13 hrs IST: The partnership is worth 169. Kohli and Jadhav’s batting has been sop dazzling that the run-rate is now well under control.

20:04 hrs IST: Brilliant from Kohli! Absolutely sublime. Dances down the track to blast Woakes over long on to bring up his 27th ODI century. He has started off 2017 with a bang. What a player. What a champion. India 229/4, needing another 122 runs more to win

19:58 hrs IST: Jadhav brings up the 150-run partnership in grand style as he pulls Rashid to the deep mid wicket fence. Next ball, he follows it up with an inside out lofted shot over deep extra cover. This is carnage for England.

19:57 hrs IST: Kohli is nearing his century. Yet another century in a chase. He is truly one of the greats in this business.

19:53 hrs IST: India bring up the 200 in just the 30th over. They are well and truly on course to secure another big win while chasing.

19:49 hrs IST: Kohli is in a different zone altogether. He uses the sweep shot and finds the fine leg fence, he continues to mercilessly march on towards yet another century in a chase.

19:46 hrs IST: David Willey is into the attack. The keeper is standing up. Makes no difference. Kohli still forces the drive past cover for another boundary.

19:42 hrs IST: BAM! Now Jadhav continues to punish the England bowlers. The batsman makes room and Moeen fires it quick on the pads, Jadhav still goes through with the shot and lashes it down the ground for a boundary to long off. India 181/4, needing 170 more for victory in 23 overs.

Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav shared a 150-plus partnership to put the England bowlers under pressure in the first ODI in Pune. (BCCI)

19:37 hrs IST: CRASH! What a shot! He is just toying with the bowlers. Root tosses this delivery up from around the wicket but Kohli dances down the track and wallops it into the stands at deep mid wicket. This is brilliant to watch.

19:36 hrs IST:Jadhav brings up the 100-run partnership in style as he blasts Moeen down the ground for a boundary. It has come off just 79 balls and the run-rate maintained is close to eight.

19:34 hrs IST: Runs are coming very easily for both batsmen. England are unable to plug the gaps and stop the flow of runs.

19:28 hrs IST: Jadhav turns an off-spinning delivery to square leg to bring up his fifty off 29 balls. Sublime knock from him and he has taken the pressure off Kohli. He has produced a gem of an innings in front of his home crowd. India 150/4 in 22.4 overs.

19:23 hrs IST: Jadhav meanwhile continues on his merry ways. He executes the late cut well and finds the gap at deep point. He has actually outscored Kohli in this partnership. This is a key innings.

Virat Kohli continued his magnificent form as he slammed his 39th fifty in the Pune ODI against England. (BCCI)

19:19 hrs IST: Jadhav continues to strike at close to 200. He latches on to the pull shot and thumps it to deep square leg. India 132/4 after 20 overs, needing 219 runs more for a victory.

19:17 hrs IST: This partnership has given India hope after the loss of Dhoni and Yuvraj. Kohli’s sublime form is such that he can make any target look small. He knows how to approach a big total and this is what makes him special.

19:12 hrs IST: Jadhav ends the over in style. He launches Adil Rashid down the ground over long on for a massive six. The partnership has crossed 50 and India are still in the hunt.

19:10 hrs IST: Fifty for Virat Kohli! He welcomes 2017 in grand style. He is in such a purple patch. It is his 39th fifty overall. Until he is there, England cannot afford to rest. Well played, skipper!

Kedar Jadhav gave Virat Kohli good company as India continued to attack despite losing several wickets. (BCCI)

19:03 hrs IST: Jadhav is playing a great knock at the moment. His strike rate is well over 200. Still a long way to go.

19:01 hrs IST: After the drinks break, Adil Rashid is into the attack. Will he find some purchase in the wicket?

18:55 hrs IST: Jadhav and Kohli continue to find the boundary. England must understand that this Indian batting bats pretty deep. Jadhav gets going with two boundaries off Stokes as India close in on 100.

18:51 hrs IST: Superb batting from Kohli. Full and wide ball from Ball, Kohli reaches out and creams the cover drive to the deep extra cover fence. India 81/4 in the 14th over.

18:50 hrs IST: Kohli continues to bat in a silken way. He just caresses a full ball from Ben Stokes down the ground while Kedar Jadhav gets off the mark with a flicked boundary to mid wicket.

MS Dhoni departed cheaply as England continued to take wickets at regular intervals to dent India in their chase of 351. (BCCI)

18:44 hrs IST: WICKET! Poor shot from Dhoni. Short ball from Ball and it rears up, Dhoni is cramped for room as he attempts the pull, miscues it to mid on.

MS Dhoni c Ben Stokes b Jake Ball 6 (6), India 63/4 in 11.5 overs vs England (350/7)

18:40 hrs IST: Dhoni gets off the mark in style and that has gotten the Pune crowd going. Short and wide from Stokes, Dhoni cracks the cut to deep point. This is the first time in my memory I feel that he is batting as early as the 11th over in his career.

18:37 hrs IST: WICKET! Yes, he can! What a game he is having. Full ball and on leg stump, Yuvraj attempts to glance it to fine leg but this time, he gets a faint edge that is taken by the keeper.

Yuvraj Singh c Jos Buttler b Ben Stokes 15 (12), India 56/3 in 10.2 overs vs England (350/7)

Yuvraj Singh got going with some attacking strokes as India counter-attacked after losing the openers. (BCCI)

18:34 hrs IST: After 10 overs, India are 51/2. Ben Stokes is into the attack. Can he be the game-changer with the ball?

18:31 hrs IST: Jake Ball is into the attack and he beats Kohli second ball. However, the batsman responds by stepping out of the crease and carving him high to third man for his second six. It just went over the fielder.

18:25 hrs IST: Missed out on all the action in the first innings? Here is the first innings report.

18:23 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh started the over in style and he has ended it in style. Too short from Willey and Yuvraj crunches the pull to wide long on.

18:20 hrs IST: Divine stuff from Kohli. He is so strong both on the pads and on the off side that he can find the boundary at ease. In the next over, the Pune crowd erupt in delirious joy as Yuvraj gets going with a massive six. India 38/2 in 7.2 overs.

KL Rahul is clean bowled by David Willey as India made a poor start in their pursuit of 351. (BCCI)

18:13 hrs IST: WICKET! Excellent bowling from Willey. He stays round the wicket for Rahul, he bowls this delivery on a good length outside off and it nips back in, Rahul goes for the drive and the ball sneaks through the gap to flatter middle stump.

KL Rahul b David Willey 8 (18), India 24/2 in 5.5 overs vs England (350/7)

18:10 hrs IST: BOOM! That is a Kohli special. Willey drags this delivery short on off stump, Kohli dances down the track and thwacks it to wide long on for a six. Sublime batting already from the Indian skipper.

Shikhar Dhawan perished cheaply as David Willey got the wicket. (BCCI)

18:03 hrs IST: WICKET! On the cards! Dhawan was really struggling. Full ball from Willey and swinging away, Dhawan comes down the track and slices the drive to third man, Moeen Ali takes a juggling catch at third man.

Shikhar Dhawan c Moeen Ali b David Willey 1 (10), India 13/1 in 4 overs vs England (350/7)

18:00 hrs IST: Dhawan is struggling to find the gaps and get going. England have started well.

17:51 hrs IST: David Willey is bowling from the other end and he is hit for a four with a beautiful shot from Rahul between point and cover. Seven runs from the over. India 9/0 in two overs

17:49 hrs IST: Only two comes off the first over by Chris Woakes. England 350/7 is their highest total in India , so Kohli’s men have a big task ahead in this three-match series.

17:45 hrs IST: Welcome back! KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan are here to open the Indian innings.

17:05 hrs IST: England have ended on 350/7 after 50 overs. This is their highest score against India in India. Fifties from Jason Roy, Joe Root and Ben Stokes have done the trick. The Indian batting is filled with power hitters and Virat Kohli is known to be the Master of the chase. Will India deliver Kohli a win in his first match as full-time skipper or will England defy the odds and gain victory? Join us in 40 minutes for the chase.

Ben Stokes blasted a fifty off 33 balls, the fastest by an England batsman in ODIs versus India as the visitors notched up 350/7 in the first ODI in Pune. (BCCI)

16:57 hrs IST: WICKET! Another one falls in pursuit of quick runs. Umesh bowls it full and straight on the stumps, Moeen attempts the reverse ramp but drags it back onto the off stump.

Moeen Ali b Umesh Yadav 28 (17), England 336/7 in 48.4 overs

16:52 hrs IST: WICKET! India will heave a sigh of relief. Short ball from Bumrah and Stokes mistimes the pull shot, the ball actually climbed up a bit too much on him, he finds deep mid wicket but it has been a brilliant knock

Ben Stokes c Umesh Yadav b Jasprit Bumrah 62 (40), England 317/6 in 47.1 overs

16:48 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav concedes 20 runs in the 47th over. Carnage for India in the death overs as England eye 350.

16:41 hrs IST: Over in Melbourne, Pakistan have snapped a huge losing streak against Australia. They have won by six wickets to level the series 1-1. MCG is a happy hunting ground for them. They won the World Cup in 1992 at this venue.

16:41 hrs IST: KABANG! Oh boy! Stokes is putting on a show out there of power hitting. Gets to his seventh fifty off 33 balls. He is tearing India’s bowlers apart in the death overs.

India got some vital wickets in the death overs but Ben Stokes blasted a fifty that helped England cross 300. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

16:36 hrs IST: Another waist-high full toss from Bumrah. He is struggling for control out there.

16:36 hrs IST: Ashwin concedes 14 runs in his eighth over. His figures are 8-0-63-0. Horrendous day for him.

16:31 hrs IST: Bumrah is missing his line and length. Stokes punishes him with a four and a six.England nearing 300.

16:24 hrs IST: WICKET! Massive scalp this. Bumrah removes Root. Short of a length off-cutter and Root slogs it to long on, Pandya times his leap well and takes the catch close to the boundary.

Joe Root c Hardik Pandya b Jasprit Bumrah 78 (95), England 244/5 in 41.4 overs

Jasprit Bumrah got the massive wicket of Joe Root for 78 as India continued to chip away. (BCCI)

16:21 hrs IST: Caught off a no-ball. Rotten luck for Jasprit Bumrah. He had bowled a no-ball in the previous delivery and off the free-hit, Root holes out to long off but he cannot be dismissed.

16:16 hrs IST: Ashwin continues to have a torrid day. His economy rate is over seven and his line and length have not been proper.

16:13 hrs IST: England have laid a solid platform to post a total in excess of 300. With 11 overs remaining and with the power in their batting, they will be aiming for 350.

India continued to chip away with wickets but England’s Joe Root smashed fifty to put them in a good position. (AFP)

16:08 hrs IST: WICKET! Pandya gets his second wicket and Buttler goes to a good catch.

Full delivery outside off, Buttler aims to loft it over mid off but Shikhar Dhawan times his leap well to take a good catch.

Jos Buttler c Shikhar Dhawan b Hardik Pandya 31 (36), England 220/4 (37.5)

16:02 hrs IST: BANG! This is where Butter is so dangerous. He dances down the track and creams a flat-batted six over long off. England going for some quick runs.

Yuvraj Singh bowled a couple of overs in his comeback ODI as India searched for quick wickets. (BCCI)

16:00 hrs IST: Jadeja has finished his spell. 10-0-50-1. He got the big wicket of Jason Roy for 73. Time is coming near for Bumrah.

15:57 hrs IST: Poor fielding from Kohli, second in the over from him. Root gets a single.

15:56 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh is into the attack. Can he break this partnership? He has a reputation of getting a breakthrough.

Jos Buttler and Joe Root strung an aggressive partnership as England chased quick runs in the Pune ODI against India. (BCCI)

15:51 hrs IST: Root gets into the six-hitting spree now. Jadeja leaking runs towards the end. Flatter delivery on the pads, Root employs the slog sweep to slam it over deep mid wicket. England are 199/3 after 34 overs.

15:47 hrs IST: Root tucks a back of a length delivery on the pads to widish mid wicket to notch up his 18th fifty. It has been a splendid knock from him and England will be hoping that he carries on.

15:43 hrs IST: WHAM! Great way for Buttler to show his intent. Full and flat delivery from Jadeja and the batsman clobbers it over long off for a big six.

15:41 hrs IST: So far, England have played the spinners well. Surprisingly, Ashwin has struggled for rhythm and has not experimented with his variations. England 175/3 in 30 overs.

Joe Root held firm as England made solid progress in the ODI against India in Pune. (BCCI)

15:36 hrs IST: Over in Melbourne, Australia are launching a fightback but Pakistan are on their way to breaking a huge losing streak against them. They need only 79 more for a win.

15:34 hrs IST: Buttler has gotten off to a confident start while Root is nearing his fifty. But, India are slowly building the pressure.

15:29 hrs IST: Before the match, Virat Kohli said the situation involving MS Dhoni and DRS was a ‘priceless’ situation for him. This wicket proves it.

Hardik Pandya got the wicket of Eoin Morgan thanks to a good review from Mahendra Singh Dhoni. (BCCI)

15:26 hrs IST: WICKET! MS Dhoni vehemently appeals for a catch but umpire Nandan does not give it. Kohli immediately reviews and replays show a spike as the ball passes the bat of Eoin Morgan. Dhoni always appeals when there is a clear edge. Credit for Pandya’s wicket should go to Dhoni.

Eoin Morgan c MS Dhoni b Hardik Pandya 28 (26), England 157/3 after 27 overs.

15:21 hrs IST: Kohli could try getting Yuvraj Singh in. He is known to get the breakthroughs on a regular basis.

15:16 hrs IST: Virat Kohli turns to Kedar Jadhav, the golden arm who was the difference in the New Zealand series where he regularly picked up wickets.

Eoin Morgan struggled at the start but developed a good partnership with Joe Root to steady England. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

15:14 hrs IST: Another partnership is developing between Root and Morgan. With Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes yet to come, England are looking set for a big total.

15:08 hrs IST: Morgan is growing in confidence as he finds the boundary again. Ashwin bowls it too quick and on the pads, Morgan tickles it away to the fine leg fence and Bumrah can’t stop it with the dive.

15:05 hrs IST: Bumrah errs in his line. He drags it too short and Root thumps the pull to the deep mid wicket fence for his second boundary.

Jason Roy was snapped up Ravindra Jadeja for 73 but England maintained a decent scoring rate. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

15:01 hrs IST: Morgan breaks the shackles by launching Ashwin into the stands at deep mid wicket. Proper slog sweep. England 126/2 after 22 overs.

14:58 hrs IST: Morgan is really struggling to middle the ball. In the warm-up games, he had struggled.

14:55 hrs IST: Bumrah is into the attack. Meanwhile, Pakistan are still on top in the Melbourne ODI against Australia. Mohammad Hafeez has stroked a fifty, great comeback from him.

14:50 hrs IST: WICKET! Sir Jadeja gets the breakthrough. Impatience from Roy and he has to pay a big price.

The batsman dances down the track but Jadeja gets the delivery to straighten from a short of a length, Roy cannot get behind the line and MS Dhoni effects a quick stumping.

Jason Roy st MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja 73 (61), England 108/2 after 18.3 overs

14:48 hrs IST: There is some news regarding the one off Test between India and Bangladesh. It has been postponed by a day. Read more here

14:45 hrs IST: To add insult to injury, Roy finds the boundary the next ball. This is a magnificent batting display from England’s opener.

14:44 hrs IST: DROPPED! Ashwin almost had a wicket. Roy employs the reverse sweep to backward point but Umesh Yadav makes a complete hash off it, he mistimes the jump and the ball goes through his fingers.

14:40 hrs IST: Root uses the traditional sweep and gets a couple. So far, this partnership has crossed 60 and the run-rate is almost close to six.

14:39 hrs IST: Roy and Root are using the reverse sweep regularly against Jadeja. This plan can throw Jadeja’s length awry

Joe Root and Jason Roy both unfurled the reverse sweep on a regular basis to tackle Ravindra Jadeja in the first ODI between India vs England in Pune. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

14:33 hrs IST: Ravichandran Ashwin, England’s main tormentor in the Test series, comes into the attack. Can he cause similar problems in the ODIs?

14:29 hrs IST: Roy is playing a blinder. Root, who is a good player of spin, needs to negotiate Jadeja and Ashwin well if they have to maintain momentum. England 82/1 after 13 overs.

14:28 hrs IST: Talking about spin, Australia are scheduled to arrive in India for four Tests in February. They have faced trial by spin. They are taking no chances and have included four spinners in the squad this time

14:25 hrs IST: First signs of spin and Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack. Can England negotiate spin after their thumping in the Tests?

14:21 hrs IST: Brilliant way to notch up fifty. Short ball from Bumrah and Roy crunches the pull to the deep square leg fence, brings up his 6th ODI fifty and his first against India.

Jason Roy notched up his sixth ODI fifty as England made a solid start to the innings against India in Pune. (BCCI)

14:17 hrs IST: Splendid shot! Bumrah bowls it full and straight on off stump and Roy presents the full face of the bat to caress the drive to the long-off boundary.

14:15 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav continues to be erratic in his line and length. He gives away two more boundaries and Roy is closing in on his fifty. Splendid knock from him so far. England 57/1 after nine overs.

14:11 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah, who caused the run-out, is into the attack now. He would be boosted by two things, first the run-out and the fact that his team, Gujarat, won the Ranji Trophy for the first time.

14:06 hrs IST: Despite the loss of Hales, England’s run-rate is over 6 thanks to Roy. Joe Root holds the key for England as well.

Jasprit Bumrah effected the run-out of Alex Hales as India made a good start in the first ODI in Pune versus England. (BCCI)

14:01 hrs IST: WICKET! Alex Hales is run-out. Superb throw from Jasprit Bumrah.

Roy tucks this delivery to fine leg and sets off for the couple, however, Bumrah fires a rocket throw and Hales is just short at the bowler’s end. The non-striker was not expecting the throw at his end and he was casual in getting back to the crease.

Alex Hales run out (Bumrah) 9 (18), England 39/1 after 9.1 overs

14:00 hrs IST: Roy continues to bat aggressively. Umesh Yadav bowls too straight on the pads and Roy flicks it to the deep mid wicket fence for a boundary.

13:57 hrs IST: Pakistan have made a fabulous start against Australia in Melbourne. Follow the progress of the second ODI here

Umesh Yadav had an LBW appeal overturned by DRS against Jason Roy of England. (Photo by: Deepak Malik/ BCCI/ SPORTZPICS)

13:49 hrs IST: Virat Kohli will remember January 15 fondly as he strode out as captain in all three formats for India for the first time. Find out how he fared here.

13:49 hrs IST: Pandya is getting some movement both away and in off the seam. After a poor first over, he has bowled well in the second over

13:44 hrs IST: Loud appeal for LBW and given! Umesh strikes or does he? Roy walks up to Hales and they opt for the review. The first-ever DRS review in a bilateral series in India. Roy looks to work a good length on the pads to square leg but gets hit on the pads, there is no edge and the ball was going past leg stump. Good review

Jason Roy got England off to a great start as he struck some boundaries off Umesh Yadav and Hardik Pandya. (BCCI)

13:36 hrs IST: Bad start for Pandya. He concedes two boundaries as Roy gets off to a magnificent start in the series.

13:34 hrs IST: Roy strokes the first boundary of the series. Umesh shortens the length and the batsman steers it with an open face past third man. England 6/0 in the first over.

13:31 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav opens the bowling. Over in Melbourne, Pakistan have made a solid start in response to Australia’s 220. Will they finally break the jinx on this tour?

13:28 hrs IST: The national anthems are done. We are all set to resume for the first ODI for India in 2017. Jason Roy and Alex Hales are out in the middle.

13:22 hrs IST: England have an abysmal record in India in the last 10 years. In 18 ODIs, they have won just two ODIs. This three-match series will be a stern Test for them

13:13 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs for both the teams

India (Playing XI): Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), MS Dhoni(w), Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, Umesh Yadav

England (Playing XI): Alex Hales, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(w), Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Jake Ball

13:04 hrs IST: Virat Kohli has won the toss and chosen to bowl in his first match as captain. No Manish Pandey and Ajinkya Rahane for Indian team. Sam Billings and Jonny Bairstow miss out for England.

12:58 hrs IST: England have undergone a transformation in their ODI fortunes ever since the 2015 World Cup disaster. However, they have always struggled in India and they will be aiming to overcome the jinx.

12:56 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the first ODI between India and England. This is Virat Kohli’s first match as ODI skipper

Kohli’s India might have dominated England in the Test series. But the skipper knows that the English side is a different beast when it comes to the shorter format of the game.

Led by Eoin Morgan, the England ODI team had a great 2016, winning 11 and losing just five matches.

The visitors showed they were in fine form during the warm-up matches against India A in Mumbai, especially i the first match where they successfully chased a 305-run target with Sam Billings hitting a gutsy 93.

“I think against a side like this (England) you need to be more aggressive in terms of wanting to pick up wickets because if you think of bowling dot balls they feed on that,” said Kohli ahead of the match. “So we already have plans in place in terms of how to counter what they come up with… we have quality bowlers on our side, we have bowlers who can make a dent initially. We have world-class spinners as well so it’s going to be interesting to see how hard they come at us initially… The English team especially in the shorter format looks very fearless.”

Kohli’s biggest challenge as limited-overs skipper would be matching the benchmark set by his predecessor, Dhoni. That quest will begin with the Champions Trophy to be played in England in June.

While the tournament may still be five months away, Kohli has only the England ODI series to figure out the best combination. Veteran Yuvraj Singh is in the squad and he, alongside Dhoni, is expected to lend experience to a side which is looking towards the future as well, including the 2019 World Cup. Kohli would be hoping his debut as ODI skipper will begin with a win in Pune.