Indian village ‘bans’ women from wearing ‘attractive clothes’ and using mobile phones to prevent sexual assault


A village in north west India has reportedly banned women from wearing “attractive clothes” and using mobile phones to protect them from molestation.

The village council of Baldiyapura, near Dholpur in the state of Rajasthan, told parents to stop their daughters wearing jeans and other Western clothing and said mobile phones were “ruining our culture”.

It warned that these decisions would be “forcibly” implemented in the village.

The council also banned alcohol consumption – imposing a fine of R1,000 (£12) on anyone found with it as well as offering a R500 (£6) reward for anyone who reports its sale and disruption, the Hindustan Times reported.


Council leader Kanasil Hariom Singh said: “Good decisions were taken by the panchayat (village council) to eradicate social evils. Incidents of rape and molestation are on the rise as women wear attractive clothes.

“Our aim to do away with all bad habits in the village. We have put a ban on girls wearing jeans and attractive clothes for the overall development of the village,” said Dhaniram Kushawaha, another member.

The council will appoint village elders to enforce the ban and will hold a meeting on the first day of every month to discuss developments.

The decision was widely reported by the Indian media after a video from the local council meeting was published online by the ANI news agency.

It has been met with condemnation from women’s groups in the wider district, and regional officials said they were investigating the reports.

An official in Dholpur, which oversees the surrounding villages, Vinod Kumar Meena praised the alcohol ban but said the restrictions on female dress were against the law.