Indians May Benefit From The Merit Based Immigration System Introduced By Donald Trump


Indians may now make the most of the merit based immigration system – RAISE – Reforming American Immigration For Strong Employment Act – introduced by Donald Trump. Currently a lottery system which was a low skilled system was being used to get into the United States, and the RAISE Act would scrap this. To get a Green Card, the RAISE Act would introduce a new points based system. To attain the residency cards, only skilled English speaking workers would be favored as per the merit based system. Donald Trump, President of US has supported a legislation that would reduce the number of legal immigrants into the UNS, into half. India’s technology and highly educated professionals would benefit from the Act passed by the Congress. To earn a green card, a point based systems that would include factors like age, English language skills, high paying job offers and education would be taken into account.

This would help in wage increase, poverty reduction and in the process save billions of dollars of taxpayers. While announcing support to the RAISE Act, at the White House, Trump stated that the Green cards obtained would provide fast track to citizenship, work authorization and permanent residency in the US. David Perdue and Tom Cotton, Senators are the two top authors of the bill who stand along with Trump. The application process is a competitive one but is of good support to English speaking individuals who support their families and themselves financially and the contribute to the US economy with their skills. Also new immigrants and new migrants would be prevented from collecting welfare and at the same time US workers would be protected from being displaced. The Act will help in restoring competitive edge of America in the 21st century besides restoring sacred trust bonds between US citizens and America.

As per Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, applications of applicants seeking job entry into the US will be reviewed more thoroughly which will be a good thing for protecting US security.