ISO Auditor Training Course

What does an ISO Auditor Training Course Include?


Internal auditors who are skilled enough to be able to identify the weaknesses and strengths and also review the records and processes besides identifying the problems in your organization can improve the management systems with the apt internal audit. This can be achieved if the auditors are efficiently trained and experienced. With the ISO auditor Training course you can gain the required confidence of your competence. With the right training you are able to discover the findings in the audit which requires a corrective action to improve the quality management systems. (QMS).

What does an ISO Auditor Training Course Include?

This training course need not be got from an outside organization as there are many companies that offer this training within the organization itself. This training provides information on

* What is the standard of the QSM which includes the structure of the ISO


*how to use the ISO 9001 standard for the auditing of the management systems so as to be able to assess the processes of the company against the requirements.

*the different auditing situations you face to enhance the skills.

Besides this, you also need to understand the policies, processes, procedures, process interactions to be able to audit the QMS well. Internal audits can be smooth if you are well trained in this. You need to be aware of how to use the specific tools for audit checklists if you are following a specific style. An ISO Auditor Training Course should also be able to help you in assessing the Quality Management Systems so that it is able to meet up to the requirements of the processes and procedures up to the ISO standards.

The Different ISO Auditor Training Courses

ISO Auditor Training Courses are available in different varieties like

  1. ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course:

This is a two to three day course that is based on the training of an ISO Lead Auditor. In this course there is no certification as there is no test. A completion certificate is, however, given.

  1. ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course:

The above course is a four to five day course with a test at the end of it. This test is able to judge the competence and knowledge of the individual who has undergone the training. This training focuses on the quality management systems of the ISO 9001 standards and using this standard for the auditing management systems to assess the processes of the company against this requirement. There will be role play of different kind of auditing situations in this training. A company which has been certified to present the ISO 9001 training can only present this course.

  1. ISO 9001 Implementation and Awareness Courses:

There are multiple short-term courses offered to help an individual understand the Essentials of ISO 9001, Implementation of ISO 9001, the requirements of ISO 9001 and also understanding the ISO 9001. These courses last for a day or two and some of them are available as online e-courses. There is no certification involved in these courses.

Benefits of an ISO 9001 Auditor Course

An individual, after completion of this training, will be able to develop a plan for audit and the checklist to analyze the total scenario and the resources which are involved in the process. They will be able to evaluate all the evidence of conformance which is involved in the process in a timely manner. Test reports will be prepared after the inspection and corrective action can be taken.