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Life insurance offer protection to your loved one in your absence. It covers the expenses, and helps your family to keep their lives. There are many more policies those offer protection or financial coverage to your assets and properties. Almost all the policies provide insurance coverage for long term and after death coverage.

But the Final insurance policy is totally different. This is also called as burial insurance and is designed for every individual whether medically fit or not. If a person is older or suffering from a terminal illness, this is the most ideal insurance with which the person can help the family to cover the expense in the event of the his own death. This is a special kind of insurance that one can purchase so that when the person pass away someday, the burial and funeral expenses will be taken care of by the insurance company. The Final insurance policy is designed to provide financial support for funeral and burial expense of the policy holder as well as to pay off the medical bills and other debts the person may leave behind after passing away.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is the leading provider of final expense insurance. It operates in 49 states and is the most trusted name in the life insurance industry. Founded in 1963, the Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is an accredited Better Business Bureau with an A. M. Best. A. M. Best is an organization that evaluates the financial strength of the insurance companies.

Over the years the company has become the national leader providing best final life insurance with top level of capitalization. It serves as the one-stop final expense solution.


About The Funeral Advantage Program

We are well aware about the rising costs of funeral. The rising cost of funeral potentially leaves a big financial burden on the loved ones. To overcome this problem, the simple solution is available with Life Insurance Co Lincoln. The Funeral Advantage Program is designed as a one stop easy way for the Americans between the age group 40 to 85. This insurance program is designed to protect their loved ones from the possible financial hardship.

Most of the Americans between the age group 40 to 85 have been accepted for the Funeral Advantage Program by the Life Insurance Co Lincoln to help pay for the costs associated with the funeral, burial, and other final expenses. Here are some important points of the program:

  • The Funeral Advantage Program offers easy qualification and streamlined application process
  • The program is designed with affordable options for final expense life insurance
  • No health examination is necessary to take this program
  • The people with health issues also get coverage of this program very easily

Benefits Of Buying Final Insurance From Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

  • The insurance policy helps the people to cover their funeral costs and other financial expenses
  • Once the claim is approved, the cash benefits are made available within 24 hours
  • The policy offer whole life benefits up to $20,000
  • There is no need to have health examination while buying the policy
  • Jew a few health questions are necessary to be answered
  • Easy and one-page application
  • It offers coverage to almost all the people, even with health issues
  • The rates and benefits are locked in for the life of the policy for as long as premiums are paid
  • The company offers additional benefit of $100,00 for accidental death of the insured person

The Family Support Service By Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

The Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company understands the situation when the policy holder passes away. The company is devoted to make sure the things go smoothly and easily for the loved ones those are taking care of the funeral arrangements. The company:

  • Allows the style of funeral that the person wants
  • Offers 24 hours toll free service for the loved ones
  • The program keeps the wishes safe and secure on file
  • Families can save average of $1,800 on traditional funerals and can save up to $600 on cremation
  • With the FCGS everything can go as smoothly and easily for loved ones during a time of intense emotions and stress

Final expense insurance is a special type of insurance that one must have so as to reduce the burden of funeral and burial expenses when the person passes away.