The incidents of road rage are increasing in India at an alarming rate and it is really difficult to understand as to why Indians are behaving in such an angry manner on petty issues.

An incident of road rage has taken place in Sardar Shahar town which is situated in the Churu district, Rajasthan. In the unfortunate incident, an auto-driver got killed at the hands of a milkman biker. The CCTV clip showed that Mushtaq, the auto-driver, was trying to overtake an auto while Hiralal, the milkman, was coming on his bike from the other side and both of them missed each other with very less margin.

They started quarreling and fighting while the passers-by tried to stop them but both were mad at each other. Mushtaq tried to stab Hiralal with a pointed tool which he pulled out from his bag while Hiralal hit Mushtaq’s head with a cement slab. The injury on Mushtaq’s head was so severe that he died on the spot. Hiralal has been arrested and booked on the charges of murder.