A man stole Rupees fifty thousand from the donation box placed in a mosque in Pakistan. He also left a letter there stating that the matter is between God and him and that no one is supposed to interfere in this matter. This happened in the Southern Punjab’s Khanewal district at the Jamia Masjid Sadiqul Madina on 24th June, 2017.

Two money boxes in which worshippers donated money were taken away by the thieves during night time. They did not even leave the two batteries that were used as power backup whenever there was power outage. As stated by Qari Saeed, prayer leader of the mosque, the amount was around 50,000/.

In the letter left by the thieves, it is mentioned that none one should try to find him as he is a needy person and that stealing from Allah’s house is perfectly alright! The thief wrote further that he did request the prayer leader of the mosque for monetary help, but instead he threw him out. It was due to refusal from people that he has forcibly stolen only, from the mosque and not from anyone’s home. All he had taken, he says, are just a few things from Allah’s home and hence the matter is between Allah and him only. So no one has the right to poke their noses in this matter.

Local people have felt lots of sympathy for the thief and have requested the prayer leader of the mosque to forgive the thief. A few worshippers as well as a resident, Abbas, have agreed to purchase new batteries for the mosque.

From whatever has happened local people feel that the police should not go out to search for the thief as he did the robbery in desperation and should be forgiven also. They are of the opinion that when a person or kids are hungry, they would go to any extent to fill their stomach. Preaching about not robbing is easy they say, but hunger can make a person do anything. Local people hope that this will be understood by the mosque authorities as they feel that the thief must be caught and punished for the crime.