Meet The Girl Who Has Stunned Everyone With Her Perfect Yoga Body


With more than 10 million followers on social media, you need to meet this Instagram girl who is ruling the internet with her perfectly toned figure. Jen Selter from NewYork is the latest internet sensation due to her yoga poses and yoga techniques. She has a perfect body and a perfectly round shaped back. She is so famous now that popular singer, Rihanna even counts her as one of the biggest fans of Jen. Jen is really stunning and fabulous. Jen is just 22 year of age and is enjoying millions of followers on Facebook Instagram and other social media websites identified as the girl with a perfect figure.


As soon as Jen uploads a picture, there are more than lakhs of likes in just a few seconds. now, I’m desperate to show you her pictures. Check out some stunning pictures of Jen, the girl with a perfect figure.



1. Jen started this Instagram page to motivate others for fitness. 

2. She loves doing yoga and maintaining her body fit.


3. Popular celebrity, Rihanna is one among the fans of Jen. Awesome, isn’t it?

4. She does yoga every day for more than three hours.


5. Jen is comfortable doing all the difficult poses of yoga or any other form of exercise.

6. Look at this! 


7. Some images don’t need caption and this is one among them.

8. She has a perfect body. Isn’t it?


9. Jen working out gym! She makes sure to do yoga and workout at the gym regularly.

10. That’s amazing!


11. Jen is just 22 years old and is enjoying millions of followers.

12. Jen is truly an inspiration to many! 

13. Just one word – Awesome!

12. She is beyond perfect guys!