A Missile Launched By North Korea May Land In The Exclusive Economic Zone Of Japan


On Tuesday June 24, 2017 a missile was launched by North Korea that could have landed in Japan’s EEZ – Exclusive Economic Zone. While quoting in the defense ministry, NHK public television, said this in Japan.

Since the beginning of the year, a series of launches have been made by North Korea and this launch would be the latest on which comes just after Donald J. Trump, US President spoke about the issue to Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan.

It was from the western region of North Korea that the projectile was launched into the sea off its eastern coast. The missile was described as a ballistic missile by military of South Korea, last week ahead of a summit of leaders from the group of 20 nations in Germany.

After flying for about 40 minutes, the missile may have landed in the EZZ, states the government of Japan while also strongly protesting that this was clear violations of UN resolutions.


South Korean Military states that the missile was launched 8.40 pm ET from Panghyon, an airfield around 100 kms northwest of Pyongyang the capital of North Korea.

In the coming G20 summits schedule on July 7-8, efforts on reining in the missile and nuclear tests in North Korea may be discussed by leaders of South Korea, US, Japan and China.

Leaders of Japan and China have been discussing the topic with US President Donald Trump, earlier during the week to reaffirm their commitment of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.