Modi’s fight against Black Money, demands 50 more days!


Just after the demonetization of Indian rupee notes of 500 and 1000, Mr. Narendra Modi, our honorary Prime Minister of India, is in headlines and as usual because of positive news. Mr. Narendra Modi arrived in Goa today for inauguration of electronic city Project in Tuem, Goa and following it, also laid the foundation stone of Mopa Greenfield Airport.

PM Modi got emotional in his speech

In his speech, he spoke on demonetization and what is the highlight of the speech, is his immense passion towards the country, which got its sublime peak during the speech. In an address to the nation, he was clearly seen as being emotional. In his speech he was being heard as saying “Whatever I had, I left it for the Country”.

As our PM continued with his speech, he was seen as being overwhelmed and had to pause to take a sip of water to control his overwhelming emotions for the nation.


Many more Projects in Pipeline to curb out Black Money

He was being seen as emphasizing that the demonetization of Notes is not just the end, but a new beginning and that the country should give him 50 days to weed out unaccounted money. He said that there many other projects to curb the deep roots of the black money and this campaign against black money will not end, with the demonetization of notes.

We hope that the Nation will get a victory in a war against Black Money. For sure, the nation is in safe hands, now!