Neighbours’ Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis give into temptation in 35th anniversary episodes


Neighbours fans will see Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis give into temptation in the show’s 35th anniversary episodes later this month.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) decide to explore their romantic chemistry after the spark between them causes plenty of gossip during Elly Conway’s birthday celebrations.

The special Neighbours: Endgame episodes see Kyle and Roxy join a host of other Ramsay Street favourites to mark Elly’s special day with a trip to Pierce Greyson’s island.

Kyle and Roxy stick close together as the fun begins, enjoying each other’s flirty company but seeing it as strictly platonic.

The rest of the group thinks differently, noticing the saucy banter between the two supposed friends.

Chloe Brennan is first to voice her suspicions that things between Kyle and Roxy are now far from platonic.

At first, Kyle and Roxy are oblivious to everyone gossiping about them, but they get annoyed when they realise they’re being talked about.

The scrutiny forces Kyle and Roxy to think carefully about whether their friends could be right.

Unable to deny the spark between them, they decide to give into their lust for each other – promising that what happens on the island, stays on the island.

However, everything is thrown up in the air for Kyle when his father Gary arrives, having called off his wedding to Prue Wallace.