No one has seen tomorrow enjoy the life today.


“I’m 32 years old and I’ve spent more than half my life studying to be a doctor. I’ve seen so many hospitals and witnessed multiple cases; some causal, some fatal but ultimately the only thing I’ve learnt is something so simple, yet so difficult to grasp because we think we have all the time in the world…it’s that life is precious. It’s too precious to be taken for granted — there is absolutely no certainty of tomorrow. A man with wrinkles lives to a hearty old age and I’ve seen youngsters, fit from the outside being diagnosed with life threatening diseases.

Often we put off things, thinking we’ll do it tomorrow — whether it’s making a phone call to someone we miss or just planning for something years down the line. All i’m saying is, no one has seen tomorrow, so why can’t we celebrate today for what it is? I’m not a philosopher trying to evaluate life but being a doctor and seeing so much death and suffering that’s the only one thing i’ve learnt. Today is the only thing we can be certain about…and it’s the only thing we take for granted.”