The poised stance must relax for the good of the world


The standoff between China and India continues with the representatives from both the sides threatening and warning each other the prowess of the army. India has sent its emissary to its counterpart in China to scale down the issue and to have talks between the countries. Nobody would want a war between China and India. China has the largest standing active army and India follows closely as the second largest. Both have tested their nuclear weapons. Both the nations are ready and if there is a war it can cause a massive damage to both countries. This poised stance for war must relax and talks must commence for the good of the world.

Doklam is an army protected sector and this is the disputed area. The Chinese are building a road in Bhutan and this China claims is their land. Now this road that is being built is very close to the Siliguri corridor. Once the road is ready and the Chinese troops are moved in, getting into India and blocking the North East from the rest of India will not be difficult. It is for this that there is so much of war of words happening. The situation is definitely volatile. The media in China has been stinging and provoking the Indians to react. India has shot off its reply but has still maintained a sense of dignity in its replies. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval met his counterpart Yang Jiechi. This meeting has given hope that something positive will come out of these talks. India and China must not go into war. The situation in Doklam, the preparations, the talks should be clearly stated to the people and this must come from the Prime Minister. People of India have never wanted war and we still hope there will be no war and yet our border must be secured.