RaGa Says PM Modi’s “Balloon Will Burst” If He Reveals “Personal Info”! Twitter Burst Into Laughter


Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has once again provided Twitter with enough material to troll him. Last time, he said that “earthquake will come” if he gets a chance to speak on demonetization in the Parliament and now he has alleged that PM Modi is not letting him speak in the Parliament as he is terrified and if he gets to speak, then PM Modi’s “balloon will burst”.


This time Rahul Gandhi has also claimed that he has some “personal information” about the “personal corruption” of PM Modi; however, he will disclose that information only in Lok Sabha.

RaGa said in a press conference,


“PM is afraid that if he lets me speak then his balloon will burst. I have some personal information on PM Modi, which is what I want to speak on in Lok Sabha, but I am not being allowed to speak. Allow opposition to speak in the house. PM owes country an explanation, cannot keep running away to pop concerts & public meetings.”


People were quick to react on the social media networks, especially Twitter and started asking as to why Rahul is not ready to release that information outside Parliament. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also asked the same question in his tweet, “If Rahul Gandhi actually has papers on Modi ji’s personal involvement in corruption, then why doesn’t he expose it outside Parl?”

Needless to say, Twiteratti enjoy making fun of the references “earthquake” and “balloon” also. People are also confused and thinking as to how Rahul will disclose the information as the winter session of the Parliament is getting over on 15th Dec, that is today, and not much work has been carried out in the session.

Here are some of the tweets that you must read: