On 30th June 2017, Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra states that revolutionary changes will be brought about with the ‘historical’ GST rollout, from July 1st 2017. A high profile event was organized in Delhi to mark transition to the new tax reform. Fadnavis made this comment hours before the high profile event was organized. W

With rolling out of the GST – Goods and Services Tax, will come into effect, One Market, One Tax and One Nation, he stated. Trading will get much more easier with the new system of taxation. GST is definitely going to benefit Maharashtra. Besides this a lot of other states are going to benefit from GST and the Indian economy is surely going to get a boost, states Fadnavis.

In the past trade was effected with the a very complex system of taxation, and GST is going to ensure that the country has a uniform taxation system which will boost trade in the process.  He said the development speed in the nation will get a major boost along with the trade sector.

Fadnavis thanked Mr.Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister and Mr. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for taking efforts in bringing all parties together. Through a dialogue between the parties, a way for rolling out of indirect tax measure has been paved out.

As far as implementation of GST in Maharashtra is concerned, he said that this state will be at the forefront and implementation will be done with fullest vigor.