Salman Khan, the Dabangg of Bollywood is known for launching several faces in the acting industry. From popular actresses like Katrina Kaif to Sonakshi Sinha and Sneha Lula, Sallu Bhai has always tried to bring some fresh faces in Bollywood.

Now the news is abuzz that Salman Khan will launch Mouni Roy in Bollywood. Mouni Roy, also known as Nagin of the industry is famous for Ekta Kapoor’s serial, Naagin. According to a close source, it is said that Salman Khan adores Mouni Roy as an actor and he can see the spark in her.

Here is what a close source said,

 “Salman had seen the same spark in Sonakshi Sinha when he launched her in Dabangg. He sees Mouni as being extremely desi, a traditional Indian heroine draped in a saree. He is looking at launching Mouni in one of his forthcoming home productions.”

Further speculations also say that Salman Khan is looking forward to bag Mouni Roy in his coming sequel of Dabangg. Mouni Roy who shared a good connection with Salman Khan while in Bigg Boss house spend a lot of time in the Khan house these days. It is a common practice where actress goes at Khan house when there is something good going to happen.

Well, earlier reports suggested that Sonakshi Sinha would be the actress in the sequel of Dabangg but no confirmation on these reports have come yet. Mouni and Salman Khan hang out around the Khan galaxy apartment, and this is how Katrina Kaif was also launched in the industry.

If not Dabangg, the Nagin fans would definitely be happy after watching Mouni Roy in Bollywood. So well, all I can say is, if Mouni Roy enters the Bollywood industry, it would be ache din of Bollywood.