Spread the humanity not hate!!


“I was born in Krakow, the old capital of Poland. The one thing I vividly remember while growing up, is all of us would be squished in our cozy living room playing music together. Even though I’m a doctor, I’ve played the violin for almost 10 years and it always reminds me of home. I’ve always loved to balance being a doctor and traveling — since the beginning I’ve loved being a part of different cultures and experiencing different lives.

Recently, I’ve had two very different experiences. The first was amazing — it was the Nigerian wedding of my sister. The family she’s married into was so warm and hospitable. They were so welcoming and accepting of all of us that it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. The second was something terrible — just before our flight to Delhi, we spent a night in Warsaw at a hostel managed by a few Ukrainian guys. During the night there was a nationalist attack on these guys by some hooligans from Poland without any valid reason. There was so much mess that left me scared and ashamed. It made me realise that Europeans are being more and more nationalistic without even realising it and that’s not good for the world.

Both my experiences were so different and involved different cultures coming together — the only difference is one was with love and the other was with hate. As humans, we always have that choice and I want to spread the message that if in a moment of conflict we choose love — love for humans over the love of our different mindsets — the world will know peace.”