Feb 26, 2024

An aerial encounter took place on July 23, 2017 after which China has fired China to stop unfriendly, unprofessional and unsafe military activities. Lu Kang, Spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry had objections to these types of military missions, however stated that Chinas’ commitment to building military mutual trust with other nations, continues.

Planes from China speeded from beneath the American plane at a high speed rate thus chafing surveillance operations of the US and targeting its military. Due to a possibility of a collision, an evasive action was taken in international space by the American pilot during an encounter with a surveillance plane of the United States. China completely refuses to agree that pilots of their two J-10 fighter jets had operated dangerously.

Ren Guoquiang, a spokesman stated on the microblog of the defense ministry that it was completely a professional, necessary and legal performance. He also stated that with missions, the chances of accidents are guaranteed to increase and national security of China seems threatened. Not only does this harm the air-sea military safety of both US and China but also does endanger the safety of pilots of both the countries. Ren said that such military activities must discontinue.

The interception took place between the Yellow Sea and East China Sea international air space. Despite an agreement between the two countries in 2013, incidents of such types continue to occur.