There is always an hope to live!


“My parents are social workers. They’ve dedicated their lives to underprivileged kids––they run a school for them. When I was a child, many of my father’s students would stay with us at home, and my mom would feed them. I grew up watching them take care of people…they nurtured these kids and helped them grow in life. I wanted to carry their values forward.

B. Ed was the most obvious route for me. But I knew there was something missing. I began going for nature walks to pass the time and I ended up with a connection to all that was around me – the trees, plants, animals.

That’s when I realized that the future generations don’t really know anything about how we’re damaging our world––I was getting to know about it so late in life myself! So when I finished my studies, I co-founded a school for underprivileged kids––one that teaches them to be proactive and sensitized.

I wanted my kids to learn something more than just what they see in textbooks––so here, at Rishi Valmiki Eco School, we have a wildlife syllabus as well! Perspective is so important––and they’ve opened their minds to it! A few of my students even conduct nature walks for adults now.


I’m trying to build a greener generation. And I can see the change – we have a child who’s recently transferred here from another school. He’s adapted really well! But to our surprise his mom came to complain about him. She said that he now picks up trash from the road to throw in his dustbin at home. Honestly, that’s the best complaint I’ve heard in a long time!

And there’s so much more we want to do…but a lack of funds always stops us. We can barely cover the teacher’s salaries here sometimes. So when Tetra Pak donated 15 benches which were made from recycled material, it really helped a lot. Not only because it gave the kids a place to study, but also because they were eco-friendly just like our school! Our motto is simple, ‘Keep it all clean – your thoughts, your home, your world, your heart.’”

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