Tips for How to Turn a Girl On to the Max


Let’s face it, guys. Girls know how to turn you on, but sometimes getting them to the right spot can take some time. And work. But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with some amazing tips for how to turn a girl on to the max.

Whether you’re new to the game or you just want to add some spice to your sex life, we can help you get your girl revved up and ready to go. How well? We’re talking toes curling, fists clenching, high-intensity fun — the kind of action that guys tell one another about over drinks. And the best news is that there aren’t any insane tricks or gimmicks, just some simple tools that make all the difference.

She’s Stressed Out

Stress is the #1 turnoff for a woman, and it can hit from work, family, or feeling like the guy wants something she can’t (or isn’t in the mood) to deliver. So do this.

Give Her a Massage



Start with the hands or feet. That may be enough to heat things up, but the neck and lower back also hold a lot of tension AND are top e-zones for a girl.


Don’t go too fast. You might be ready to hit it, but you’re trying to get her in the mood. Just pay attention to her muscles relaxing and you’ll be on the way.

Work Out With Her

Work Out With Her

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but if she likes yoga, meditation, or the gym, join her.

Clean Up Your Act

Clean Up Your Act

Women hate it when guys don’t care for themselves, and that causes stress for everyone.

Simple solution? Take a shower and put some effort into how you look when hanging out. Knowing that you’re at your physical best will help you act confident and in charge.

Being Taken for Granted

Women often feel like they’re not appreciated, but letting them know how much you care can really turn a girl on to the max. Here’s how to do it.