Mar 1, 2024

India – the country that’s rich in culture, jam packed with a million stories to tell by the elders passed on from generation to generation, one of the largest populations of the world, Centuries old, traditional and cultural in every sense and inch of the land, Home to the most exotic females of the planet that the human race has known, the country that’s had its independence from the long dominated British Ruling and the country that is home to Gods and spiritual beings as the world knows them to be and has strong beliefs in their existence in the Native land as well. India is commonly misconceived by the world as a place of only poverty, dirty people, broken buildings, under-developed cities etc. Yet there are a few things that the world doesn’t know, which may change their views instantly. Below we are to cover the Top 10 interesting facts about India.

10. India May take over China’s population by 2022

China had better produce and cultivate the idea of having more babies if they are afraid of India’s possible takeover in population domination in the near future. India and China are the two most overcooked countries with regards to just how many living humans there are that cannot be gotten rid of by atomic bombs etc. since a 1000 people dead from each countries wouldn’t be enough to decrease their somewhat impossibly un-decreasable populations. While some predictions may be over stated or over exaggerated, some turn out to be true when it eventually happens and the world goes back to trace who and why it was predicted. Should India overtake China in its population, this will have a ripple effect on other countries who will be more than others as the world moves forward a decade from now.

9. Its more Multilingual than others

It’s to absolute no surprise that Multi-languages are spoken by natives of India, simply because of several determining factors such as natives who spend a lot of time with the influx of tourists from other countries who visit regularly and due to the fact that people of India aren’t all that dum dum since how the quality of Education has advanced and been upgraded as well as enforced by the locals of India. Modern Indians can be found scattered all around Colleges and Universities too which is where there are ultimately bound to learn more than just their native tongue. The Ethnologue Lists 415 languages spoken by a spread of thousands of people in India.

8. Has larger mega-cities

New Delhi alone has an estimated 23.3 Million people residing in ONE CITY!! Which is bigger than the amount of some country populations put together. Mumbai in India, Another 23 Million of people living in one city, Kolkata is home to 16 Million, 600 people and we’re just getting started, there’s still plenty more but the fact remains is that with so many people, this fills up majority of the entire world’s population altogether and can you imagine so many people living in each city with all these cities combined? Its definitely an over-congestion of life and no wonder God occasionally sends in some horrendous natural disasters such as : Tsunami’s ,hurricane Katrina’s and earthquakes etc. To wipe a few thousand people out at a time in order for the rest to breathe easily again and to create new life in a slow form all over again.