US President Donald Trump Likes A Reporters Nice Smile And She Responds


US President Donald Trump singled out a journalist for her beautiful smile. “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well” said Donald Trump to Leo Varadkar, the new Prime Minister of Ireland.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump had phoned Leo Varadkar, to congratulate him on becoming the first openly and youngest gay leader in the Ireland. Start of the talks were witnessed by a small group of reporters. In the White House, this was an unusual allowance. However whatever happened after that has been termed as ‘bizzare’

While talking to Mr. Varadkar, Trump said that right now a lot of Irish Press are watching both of them now. He also stated that ‘We have all of this Irish, beautiful Irish Press here’. Then he singled out one reporter in particular. He talked to the woman and asked her where she was from and motioned her to come forward. He said ‘Come here, come here’. Caitriona Perry, the journalist in question was the Washington correspondent for the Irish state broadcaster RTE. At the Oval office and in front of the journalists, Mr.Trump told Mr.Varadkar, ‘She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well’.

At that time, Ms. Perry was using her mobile to shoot the scene. President Trump told Perry, ‘He thanks you for the newspapers, Caitriona’ Initially, Ms. Perry laughed off the incident. However soon after, on Twitter she posted a short video of the same, calling it a ‘bizzare moment’.