Dec 10, 2023

Sleep is something that we don’t really think about, but it’s something that we spend almost one-third of our life doing. Unfortunately, with busy lives and stressing out over certain situations, it can be easy to lay awake in bed and not get a good night’s rest. Are you finding yourself playing on your tablet or phone for hours each night and feeling extremely groggy the next morning? Here are some amazingly simple ways that can help you fall asleep faster at night.

Don’t Work On The Bed

This is the biggest issue with freelancers and people that work at home. It’s extremely easy to do tasks on a laptop from the comfort of your bed, but this will also create natural confusion on the body. Try to do as many tasks as possible standing up or sitting at a desk.

Cool The Bedroom

Naturally, people need a cold and dark place to sleep comfortably. Dipping the temperature down between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and covering up with a blanket creates the best condition to sleep in.

Wear Socks To Bed

While needing a cool room helps to sleep, it’s also important for body extremities to stay warm. It might be uncomfortable at first, but wearing socks to bed is something that’s easy to try if there are any troubles nodding off.

Candlelight Dinner

A common theme in trying to get to sleep faster is removing blue light, the stuff at emits from fluorescent light bulbs and screens. One thing that can help is turning off the TV and eating dinner by candlelight instead.

Read A Book In Bed

It’s actually unhealthy to read from a cell phone or tablet before going to bed due to the blue light. Laying while reading an actual book can give a state of relaxation to make falling asleep easier.

Turn Off The Clock

One of the most common habits when being unable to fall asleep is to turn over to an alarm clock and look at it. This increases stress, which makes it tough to relax. Unplugging it and keeping the phone away from the bedroom are perfect ways to solve this issue.

Get Up Instead Of Turning

It really doesn’t help when tossing and turning while trying to find the cooler spots on the bed. It’s better to spend that time getting up and doing an activity that uses your hands and mind for 10-15 minutes, like solving a crossword puzzle.

Blowing Bubbles

The activity of blowing bubbles can help in two different ways: watching bubbles drift around is hypnotic and the process of heavy breathing can calm people. It’s a great practice to take the mind off your troubles.

Create A Forced Sleeping Schedule

We haven’t had a strict bedtime since we were kids, but it’s probably something we all should continue doing. Going to bed at different times is hard on the body because it’s confused on when it’s time to rest. Try to set the best sleep schedule that fits with work and family.

Wash Face With Very Cold Water

Stressed about something going on? Splashing extremely cold water on your face for 30 seconds will lower heart rate and blood pressure, creating a relaxed state that will help you fall asleep.

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