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“I’ve always been dark skinned

“I’ve always been dark skinned. While growing up, I was made aware of my color through comments like, ‘Work on your grades, if you can’t be the beauty, you’ll have to be the brains!’ I was told, ‘You’re so lucky you can play in the sun––you’re already dark.’ I stopped feeling beautiful…as a child, being […]

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The happiest people could be the most depressed on the inside and you may never find out.

“He was a really close friend of mine in college. He was a straight A student, a great friend and the happiest person to be around. Eventually, he moved to a different city, but we were still in touch…in fact, we pretty much spoke everyday for a few minutes. I missed him, so when he […]

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I Choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

“I was 19 when my father asked me to accept his Rishta — I wanted to have a career in media and make something of myself, but my family kept insisting. I even walked away from home in frustration, but eventually I gave in. I met my ‘to be’ husband for the first time after […]

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Lesson for Every Parents

“Once, I was teaching how to form sentences in my class, when I realized that one of my students needed some help to cope up. I told him that I would help him through the assignments and that there was ‘no need to worry.’ And just that much support boosted his confidence so much, that […]

Married & Live A Normal Life
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He Judged Me For My Caste & Color Saying Girls Like Me, Should Get Married & Live A Normal Life

“After school, I went to J.J. School of Fine Arts. In 5th grade, I had been there for a drawing competition. I clearly remember my father’s words, ‘This is the college you would want to join one day’. Eventually, when I did, on the very first day, our professor asked us, “What do we want […]

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My Story: “I Do Not Charge Money For Locks Which Are Bought For Temples Or Mosques.” He Smiled And Said

“This incident happened a few hours ago. I was in the market of Baroda to buy a lock. My brother-in-law was also with me and suggested that I take extra locks for my mother too. The shopkeeper said that he would not charge any money if the lock was for “Mataji”. We were amazed and […]

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I enjoy being strong and independent.

“I got into modelling during my college days, just to make some extra pocket money. I had scored 88% in my CAT exams and was enroute to pursuing my MBA when I got an offer for a film — it happened as organically as that. There after, three of the films I worked in didn’t […]

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Life is uncertain we never know what will happen in next minute

“Life is uncertain — there are so many things we can’t control. With the right person by your side all those uncertainties, risks and struggles seem less scary. That’s exactly how I used to feel about my husband — nothing in the world could shake us, because when the rest of the world slips away […]

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My Story: Whenever I Stepped Out, I Was Afraid I Would Have To Go The Washroom

“I was a normal child at the time of my birth. I could do everything that the normal child can do. I was able to do everything on my own, but suddenly with time, things changed the other way round. I started getting a frequent fever and feeling ill often. My parents took me to […]

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The journey there and knowing that you have someone to unconditionally share it all with.”

“We first met 39 years ago at a wedding. The girl was my best friend and the boy was his relative, but we’d never met before. During that wedding we became really good friends and continued to meet pretty much everyday after. I don’t know at what point our friendship became love…or maybe it always […]

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Be a human, Respect Women, Girls

“When we had our son, a lot of people congratulated my wife saying, ‘you can relax now…you have a son in the house’ and my wife and I laughed at their mentality but realised that this is how people still think. I was overjoyed that I had a son, but I knew I wanted to […]

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My Story: A Salute To These Unsung Heroes Who Burn Themselves Day & Night In Kolkata To Earn Money

“Crammed streets bustling with people, vendors, beggars, clanging trams, taxis and the hard-to-miss light-weight wooden rickshaws pulled by sturdy men. A shocking, barbaric act. And yet hand-pulled rickshaws are an icon of Kolkata, the city of joy, alongside the Howrah Bridge and the Victoria Memorial. What is most disheartening here is the sight of a young, […]

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My Story: At First I Was Hesitant To Leave My Husband, But I Realized That I Was Doing This For The Both Of Us

“I’m originally from Kutch. My husband was working on a farm and breeding sheep and goats, while I have always been a homemaker. After finishing my work at home, I was always interested in learning embroidery from others around me, but never considered it as a profession because my husband was earning well. After the […]

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My Story: After He Got Mouth Cancer, He Remains At Home And The Wife Has Responsibility To Feed Five People

With each puff of a cigarette and a bit of tobacco, comes a rush of pleasure. But, this elation is short lived, as once this nicotine enters the body, it has a strong effect on the organs, slowly deteriorating one’s health. Tobacco contains nicotine which is a stimulant. It is mainly used in cigarettes, pipe […]

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Beti Bachao! This Pune Doctor Doesn’t Charge A Penny If The Newborn Is A Baby Girl!

Dr. Ganesh Rakh who runs Medicare Hospital Foundation Trust in the Hadapsar suburb of Pune is on a mission, a mission to save the girl child. Medicare Hospital Foundation Trust How does he do that? He waives-off the entire hospital expenses if the newborn is a girl. If that isn’t impressive enough, the entire hospital cerebrates […]

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Take Action Against Such An Invasion Of Our Rights And Privacy In Such Circumstances

So there I was, shopping on Commercial Street around 4:45 PM, with three of my friends walking ahead. I just looked up to see this man – approaching from the opposite direction – take my picture on his phone. The flash went off and he quickly lowered the phone, trying to walk away. It took […]

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I Thought This Incident Must Be Shared Since It Made Me Feel Proud To Be A Human

I am working in  RMZ Ecospace, Bellandur, Bangalore. I live at at Kodlugate. I travel to RMZ Ecospace, Bellandur daily by BMTC buses and because of traffic, I usually leave office late by 9pm or 9:30pm. One night, On Friday, 6th November, 2015, I luckily got the 505 bus, which goes directly to Kodlugate (or […]