10 Sets Of On-Screen Lovers Who Actually Hated Each Other


When we watch a romantic movie, we want to believe that the actors who have chemistry on screen actually like each other off screen. Perhaps the duos that we have on this list are truly great actors and that’s the reason they were able to convince us they really did carry a torch for one another, despite the fact that they actually hated each other. Whatever the reason, whether an actor was bringing their personal drama on set, or the pair just had personalities that didn’t click, these 10 on-screen sets of lovers who actually totally hated each other could very well surprise you.

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale appeared in the movie Vacancy as a married couple who were having some issues. Perhaps they were convincing as a couple of on the outs because they actually didn’t like each other. After filming wrapped, Beckinsale wasn’t shy about her dislike for Wilson. She claimed he often showed up to set hung over and was rude to her.

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray


Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are a bit different than other couples on this list. There was actually plenty of chemistry originally as they got married in real life. Their relationship turned sour and they divorced five months later and are far from friends these days.

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts

This one is probably no surprise to anyone who follows the movie industry at all. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte made no secret of their disdain for one another once filming for I Love Trouble wrapped.

Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough

Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough were supposed to be the wholesome young couple on Growing Pains. It didn’t take long for Cameron to have McCullouch booted from the show after she posed for Playboy. This turn violated his born-again Christian values.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

Nobody puts baby in the corner, but apparently Swayze wanted Grey to be put off set. In his autobiography, the actor claimed he didn’t like how easily Grey would lose her composure, especially after a long day.

Claire Danes & Leonardo DiCaprio

While they played star crossed lovers in Romeo and Juliet, it turns out the two weren’t fans of each other off camera. Danes apparently felt DiCaprio goofed off too much. You can see even in this photo, taken years later, there’s a bit of hostility remaining between the two.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn

If there was an onscreen couple you had to guess didn’t like each other at all off-screen, Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn would likely be one of your first guesses. Their personalities just don’t seem to mesh. According to reports from on set, Reese was businesslike and never wanted to play around while Vaughn was too laid back for her tastes.

Sharon Stone & Billy Baldwin

While Sharon Stone & Billy Baldwin seemed to have real heat in the voyeur thriller Sliver, the two were apparently having daily fights when it came to off camera relations.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

The stars of The Notebook looked like they had plenty of on-screen chemistry. In reality, McAdams proclaimed she would never work with Gosling again after the two got into arguments on set.

Jason Lee and Shannen Doherty

Jason Lee and Shannen Doherty portrayed boyfriend and girlfriend in the Kevin Smith film Mallrats. While Lee played a boyfriend who was clearly a bit of a handful, it turns out that in real life, Doherty was the one who was hard to handle. This is not remotely hard to believe, judging by the number of shows the actress was kicked off of thanks to feuds with coworkers.

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