14 Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer


When it comes to summer, a pair of flip-flops and your trusted sunnies won’t make the cut. Don’t let the soaring temperature beat down your style. No, we’re not talking about fancy brands that make enviable but pocket-slaying pieces. We’re asking you to refresh your wardrobe with some timeless basics instead. It’s easier to depend on them as they’re versatile, can be put together for any kind of occasion and make you look smart—all at the same time. Have a look at these 14 wardrobe staples.

1) Breathable Chinos

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Chinos are perfect for when you don’t want to go for denims or trousers. They have a lighter fabric and will keep you cooler as opposed to the latter two. It’s easy to dress up with chinos, just throw in a crisp shirt and a pair of oxfords, as it’s easy to dress down too. All you need is a T-shirt and sneakers, and you’re good to go. You can either go for the classic neutral colours or have fun with brighter options.

2) Chambray Shirts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Chambray is a fabric which is a good in-between a denim and a cotton shirt. Lighter than denim but not as light as basic cotton, chambray, just as linen provides a smooth transition from season to season. What’s more? They are available in multiple options–patterned, dyed, ombre or in prints. Wear it with a suit and a tie or half untucked over a pair of khakis.

3) Monochromatic Sneakers

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Minimalist sneakers are so versatile, you can wear ‘em in the office and simultaneously at a night out. Unexpected showers in the middle? No problem, as they can hold their own and won’t get soiled in the process. You should go for predictable colours–grey, black or white. The simpler, the better. A good alternative for sneakers in summer are boat shoes.


4) Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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No brainer, seriously! While you should already own two or three of this timeless staple, we advise you to stock up every summer to combat wear n’ tear and the stains that you had accumulated in the past year. You can never go wrong with short-sleeves button down shirts.

5) Slim-Fit Oxfords

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Oxford shirts are the building blocks for any man’s smart and casual wardrobe. It looks just as sharp under a blazer for a day look as it look over jeans for a night out with friends. We know that white is a unanimous pick in colours, but blue oxford shirts are as versatile and weather-appropriate as white. Pair it over chinos in this weather.

6) Colorful Aviators

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Be it polarized or the ones available in colours, aviators are once again the supreme rulers of the sunglass kingdom. Everybody has been sporting them, so should you!

7) Slim-Fit Denims

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Especially the light washed denims, they’re sort of having a moment right now. It’s imperative that you stick to the slimmer versions, they look super cool and edgy. It’s a fail-safe option that can be dressed up or down with zero effort.

8) Backpacks

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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They look office-appropriate, are extremely snazzy and unarguably masculine. We don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t buy these. Right from David Beckham to Shahid Kapoor, everybody have been using them.

9) Nautical T-Shirts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Nautical stripes should be your first choice for warm weathers. They’re fresh and a cleaner variant to your regular T-shirts and still add some distinctiveness to the look. Besides, it also apparently happens to be Ranveer Singh’s favourite summer look too. Stick to horizontal stripes for that modern, urbane appearance.

10) Chino Shorts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Still sporting cargos? It’s time you upgrade your shorts game. Chino shorts are cooler— both aesthetically and practically. Just make sure they’re tailored to your size, are not baggy and don’t hit below the knee. Stick to solid colours, you’ll look more put together.

11) Knit Polos

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Admit it, aren’t these your favourite especially in the May heat? They look really smart without being sloppy. You can button them up, wear it with the chinos, grow a beard and you can become your own version of a hipster. Tuck them in into some jeans for that sophisticated Sunday look or wear them with khaki shorts.

12) Leather Belts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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Although a braided belt is a springtime must, not many men fancy that kind. So your trusted, go-to option should be a leather belt which is timeless in the truest of sense. You can buy a size up, so that when you belt it, the tail hangs down which you can tuck it under the belt in a vertical line. Looks really cool.

13) Cotton Blazers

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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You know what’s the one step that’s in the middle of you becoming the hot summer dude? Sumer cotton blazers! Look for the ones with cotton-linen blend that are perfect for weddings, office or even a date. Look for them in bold colours—red, yellow or even a sea green to enthuse some colour in your wardrobe as well as your personality.

14) Heather T-shirts

Fashion Essentials Every Guy Needs For Summer
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It’s an incredibly simple staple which is available in the market at such a cheap deal, you might as well make an entire wardrobe with it. They’re airy, light and are available in so many colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But, nothing honestly beats a white heathered T-shirt and blue chinos combination in this weather.

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